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I'm a person interested in almost everything this life has to offer. Some of those things are art, music, good stories and oriental culture. The reason why I like anime is because it combines them. Simple as that.

In general, I'm more or less open to all genres. Of course, I tend to dislike some things; however, at the end of the day it is the execution of a specific show that matters most. Also, love hunting for old-school & obscure stuff, and my ratings are quite approximate (but I hope to sort them out someday).

Last but not the least, you're welcome to read my reviews. Hope they give you some food for thought and help set the right expectations about the shows.

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CommanderKarasu Nov 15, 2016

Looks like another mod added Chiryokumaru. I took care of Curly and Delete Beach, they're added now. :) I'm going to look into the Linkin Park entry and the other requests. I have to check in with another mod on Kanojo ga Kanji wo Suki na Riyuu, to see if we want to relate them or not. I'll update you when this is all done. Thanks for your help and patience!

CommanderKarasu Oct 29, 2016

I updated the entry of Lodoss. Here's the music video, too.

You did everything fine. :) Thanks for the help!

Th3Laugh1ngMan Jan 10, 2016

you have pretty decent taste in anime

Daili21 Jan 7, 2016

what's the name of the manga ? there is no link to it in the anime animeplanet page .

Menami Dec 25, 2014

always good to see fellow patlabor fan