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Just another person who's interested in anime, but hasn't really gotten fully into it yet, on the whole.

Love the new rewatch feature!

Anime watched within the last month: Chihayafuru S1 & S2

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KiraRin says...

You know, you need to work on your perversion and chat up lines - perfect opportunity when out drinking with the ISSUP massive! You will learn, young padawan :p

Finally finished all of the Macademi Wasshoi entries, although trying to do it on 3 hours sleep is a bad, bad idea. Especially when they have some really daft names, like Hapsiel.... I think I will review Macademi Wasshoi, as it is one of the better ecchi parody series I have seen in a while. Plus, I want to get more ecchi reviews written than sothis ;p

I know what you mean about 2 player games - being able to do the victory dance in someones face loses all charm if you have to do it over a headset. I remember spending 3 days straight playing co-op Balders Gate and loving it! *hides as her true geek nature shines through*. One of my favourite multiplayer games ever though is Timesplitters 2, as I remember long nights on 4 player with friends and beer. Good times!

Less of the TOG quips please mr! Don't forget, you'll be meeting me face to face and I can make your life a misery >:D

And I can't wait for you to come for ISSUP again. I'm still reeling from the last encounter ;P

Sep 13, 2010
KiraRin says...

Oh, and when you say "ideas for pictures in the calendar", I hope that means pics of you....



Sep 13, 2010
KiraRin says...

Oh, you are such a welcome distraction to entering all of the Macademi Wasshoi characters to the db.... Photos would help even more though :D

The Lego games are great fun, especially as you can do them 2 player. Star Wars is still my favourite, especially with a lot of the humour, but Harry Potter has been the best of the rest. Lego Rock Band is simply one of those "fun for the whole family", that has more adult humour involved.

Jeremy Vine is audio orgasm, he sounds amazing. Shame he doesn't have a face to match the voice! Then again, good old Terry always sounded good too :p

If you go through many of the ecchi reviews, they have been written by yours truly. I'm currently toying with the idea of doing Macademi Wasshoi - it is so stupid, but doesn't take itself too seriously, so I loved it! Shame the ending was a little disappointing...

It'll be good to finally meet at the... meet. If you stick to your promise, I shall buy you a beer :p

You should pop by ISSUP more often, always a fun place to be ;P


Sep 12, 2010
KiraRin says...

Give in to your desires.... you know you want to ;P

Guitar Hero/Rock Band are awesome, but I have to admit to playing a lot of Lego Harry Potter recently... but all of the Lego games are awesome, so ner :p And there is nothing wrong with Radio 2, especially Jeremy Vine. I haven't laughed so much as the debate on releasing beavers back into the wild; old people calling up to say how much they love to see wet beaver frolicking about....

And how did you know I have DearS? Did you read the review? I've taken a *lot* of flack for it, but I think sometimes the readers forget I am actually a female. Eiken is an ecchi exception because it's a spoof and does not take itself too seriously. From the arousing banana eating, to the yogurt slide, its just waaay too over the top to dislike :p

It would be good to have you come and play out with us at the meet. You should skip some lectures to come play, most stoodents do anyways :p

You miss the curry mile? You originally a manc then? I originally lived north of manchester (rossendale valley), then studied in manc itself, so know the town well. Would give you something else to talk about at the meet :D

Anyways, take care.


Sep 10, 2010
KiraRin says...

You want to do me? Something ever so naughty that only gets better the more you try. Welcome to ISSUP ;P

After a weekend with friends when we played some Rock Band (bad idea whilst drunk), I remembered my true love for Muse. I think I need to burn a few older cd's for the car, as I only seem to listen to radio 1 at the moment.... Maybe some Hot Chip (a new discovery that takes me back to the 80's), or some bad dance music. Especially good when cruising when the roof down :D

Ecchi has a huge gender divide, it is most definitely loved by mainly guys. However, I'm not adverse to looking at naked laydeez, so I quite enjoy it too :p Saying that, I don't like totally OTT boobs (Eiken being an exception), I don't like women being mindless slaves, but somehow, Macademi Wasshoi! is tickling my fancy. Go figure. It is complete trash, but makes me laugh ._.

The AP meet is definitely gathering speed. Sadly, I can only make the Friday night now as I have a birthday to go to on the saturday. But I'm sure you could make one night to come play with us all! Plus, the Friday can be booked at the Travelodge with a super-saver discount, so its only £39! You know you want to.... even if the conversation will be mostly anime, games and perversion! Everyone is booking their own room, so no need to worry about numbers ;P

My manchester meet was with old friends, so plenty of beer and good old Manc action ^^

Anyways, glad to hear you're doing well, but don't leave it so long next time! PM me on the forums if you ever want to trade msn IDs :p

Sep 5, 2010