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Just another person who's interested in anime, but hasn't really gotten fully into it yet, on the whole.

Love the new rewatch feature!

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KiraRin says...

See, I'm a good girl. I reply asap (mostly). I think my soul is mostly fine from working hard on A-P, but I do now have manflu - not that I'm saying they're related! Why did the Gintama review make you want to cry? Was it really that bad? Very kind of you to say I was your favourite review, but you can continue reading my occasional reviews at my own, brand new shiny blog! (shameless pimp)

There probably will be another APUK meetup, in fact we did discuss trying Southampton for the next one, but with Christmas rapidly approaching (31 sleeps to go), I think people are a little tight on funds at the moment. As to sleeping on the train, I didn't get to because of two kids being entertained by watching a Barney dvd.... But, you should definitely come out and play sometime, if you're man enough to come out and play, that is.

I finally sorted all of the man's presents for Xmas. Currently hidden behind the sofa are a couple of bottles of irish whiskey, DJ Hero, about 3-4 tshirts, a pair of jeans and some Juicy Couture manly perfume. I was thinking about buying him a lego lunchbox, but then I talked myself out of it as I'm not sure how a corporate Samsung would view it... Having my birthday so close to the 25th does indeed suck. All of those "one for two" presents is just cheap :(

Feel free to make quips if you want, I've been playing with the boys for the past few days ;P But been extremely busy recently, especially as people have been off a lot recently and I've been babysitting a lot of projects for them. Finally got my payrise this month, and it was absolutely nothing to write home about.... most of it was eaten by tax and student loan repayments!

So, were you one of the bad boys at the student marches? It all got a touch out of hand there! What do you mean you won't be around to pay it off? Planning on moving out of the country? Seems to be the most sensible choice at the moment, and something we are definitely considering for the future.

I have become an expert of roast dinners: pork, beef and now beer butt chicken. Sounds bizarre, but it is seriously the yummiest way to cook a bird! And also one of the most hilarious.


But anyways, take care and feel free to spread the word about my blog :D






Nov 24, 2010
KiraRin says...

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but I have sold my soul to sothis, and my time recently has been eaten up submitting synopsis and screenshots, entering more people into the character db, and beta testing the badges. All of which make for a better AP, so I think you should let me off the hook :p

As I already explained to you in a text message, you really did miss out on a fun night. Yes, it may have been a meeting of anime freaks and geeks, but we all had a good time and drank waay too much. Having to get the train to Manchester the next morning was a struggle, I can tell you...

I would love a game of badminton sometime, but there are a couple of barriers too that. Firstly, my fitness levels are not what they used to be (working on that at the moment). Secondly, we would have to meet up, and I think you are just too chicken to do that ;P

As to shiny chrome things, it makes buying christmas presents an absolute bitch. I mean, what do you buy the guy who has literally everything? And the things he doesn't have, he buys for himself anyway! So far, I've bought a few bits and pieces, but the stroke of genius came when I discovered a lego advent calendar :D Ah well, 48 sleeps to Christmas and 46 sleeps to my birthday! How exciting!

Luckily, our jobs are safe, as we are a "trading fund" for the MOD. Not sure what difference that makes, but if we do have to go through voluntary redundancies, then there are a lot of big bearded old scientists who would snatch that opportunity first. Besides, I've been having way too much fun recently playing with the military boys. I was lucky enough to meet a "group commander" the other day.... the rank where everyone stands up when he enters the room x.x

So, will the proposed student fee rises affect you? Or is it only being implemented in the future? £9k a year is a lot, especially with living costs on top of that too. You'll practically have a mortgage by the time you finish in education, with nothing but a certificate to show for it! I should count myself lucky I only have about £4k left to pay off!

Anyways, I'm going to throw myself full force into the chara db today and clear out a few shows I've been procrastinating over for a while. Well, that and cooking a roast pork dinner. With crackling. And apple sauce (someone from work gave me a big bag of apples from his tree). And yorkshire puddings. And maybe I'll do some chocolate brownies too for pudding....

Have a good one,


Nov 7, 2010
KiraRin says...

You are so mean! Ignoring me for weeks on end... almost as if you have a life outside of AP. See, you have to prove you're a real person and come out and play at the meet next weekend. Yes, the broken hearts things was a joke - I think all of the attending females are attached (sorry if that has ruined any of your plans :P )

You sound like you're a little obsessed with sport: what do you play? I have to admit to being extremely lazy recently, only going on long hikes with the hound to keep myself from becoming one with the sofa. I used to play a lot of badminton, but have noone to play against here. The new archery club at work had me interested,, but I realised I couldn't keep my long nails...

Quite a few people have asked to live in my house, especially after posting pics on the forum. And pretty much for the same reason as you >.> But you'll never be a fully fledged ISSUPian if you can't make the spanking joke :P

I can't believe it takes you 3 hours - I think I'm something like 90 minutes from Bournemouth to London on the train. I'll be getting in for 5 ish, which maybe wasn't the best planning on my behalf... Does give me time to dump my stuff at the hotel and get ready for dinner though. Anglokitty is gonna meet me and a couple of others before we head out, so keep me updated on what you're doing!

The spending review is happening on the 20th, so I guess we'll see if I still have a job after that! There was a vacancy came up in work last week, but I decided not to go for it as the department will be one of the first for the chop. Just have to bide my time for now... I guess a lot of the quango's disappearing a probably a few snivel servants for the chop isn't going to help the job prospects for new students. When is it you graduate? Hopefully, things will pick up by then!

I am holding up here, though not too well after massive over indulgence in wine last night. But I don't mind the mini essays - gives me something interesting to read and reply to :p

Anyways, take it easy Mr. Stoodent, and I will hopefully see you next weekend!


Oct 16, 2010
KiraRin says...

Sheesh, I thought you were ignoring me as a way to get out of the APUK meet... and it's the weekend of the 22nd of October. I hope you're not now going to say you can't make it, or you're going to break a lot of ISSUPian hearts :P

I can't believe you're so slow when it comes to watching animu - you really need to sort that out, boyo. Just think about all of those excellent series you've not got around to watching yet! And not all of them ecchi! But as to my sexuality - I have been with girls, I have been with boys, so I guess that's a yes to the bisexuality :p

Why a 50" tv? Because my house is practically a bachelor pad. Huge tv, virtually every console under the sun, a big sofa with lazee boy chairs at the end and an unhealthy collection of obscure Japanese horror dvd's. I'll admit to the last ones being mine, but my fiancé loves to collect gadgets and the latest technology. Boys. Pff. But I just noticed Puzzle Bobble on the Xbox arcade, so I may have to download that and spank everyone I know :D

I don't think we'll be reserving anywhere, because we don't even know where we're going yet! It'll just be a gathering of those that can make it into town for 7ish to get some food (and soak up any excess alcohol). And I'm sure beer goggles will be in operation, not that they're needed in your case [/flirt].

Work life is being a bitch at the moment - noone will make any decisions until after the defence review. Total pain in the arse for us, but we just have to do what we can. Though, on the bright side, I am getting a payrise, though it'll probably equate to £20 a month after tax, NI and student loan have been taken :( See, bloody carefree student life and I'm still paying for it 6 years later! Not that I'm trying to put you off... >.>

Take care!


Sep 29, 2010
KiraRin says...

Hey, who said I'm going to teach you perversion? Please remember, a great number of ISSUPians will be at the meet and will be more than willing to teach you the ropes ;p

Hapsiel *is* a daft name, and just check out his tags... he is one of the reasons Macademi Wasshoi is so watchable. Only problem is though, you need to have watched a significant amount of anime to understand all of the references :p There is nothing wrong with enjoying ecchi, I love the perversion and depravity, and who said I can't enjoy the scantily clad females? I'm not straight after all :p

I just rediscovered that I still have Timesplitters 2! I may have to fire it up on the wii, and see how the graphics look on a 50" tv. I'm guessing not too good... Timesplitters 4 would look awesome though - just hope they kept the 4 player split screen. But there is nothing wrong with Baldurs Gate - it's not even that old! I wouldn't have minded the older quip if it was about something like Bubble Bobble, but you are most certainly in trouble at the meet now! And Omny will not be plying me with booze, as he's not arriving til late on the Friday night.

There are some of us planning to meet up for dinner. I'm getting into London around 4-5pm, so we're looking at chinese or something. Let us know if you'll be joining us, and wear something suitably dashing (the girlies have been drooling over your forum pics ;P ).

Hope all goes well back in Norwich - ISSUP is open 24-7 if you ever feel the need to come and play.


Sep 19, 2010