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Just another person who's interested in anime, and is starting to get to grips with the medium.

I tend not to watch anime I don't think I'll like, and I try to use the full five-point scale, so my ratings are more skewed than some. Here's how I judge things:

5*: Masterpiece
4*: Excellent
3*: Good
2*: Average
1*: Meh

My favourite anime so far: Kino's Journey, FMA: Brotherhood, Toradora!, Welcome to the NHK!

Anime watched within the last month: Kokoro Connect, Natsume Yuujinchou, Michi Random.

Absolute favourites: Kino, Misaki Nakahara, Ohana Matsumae

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What?! No manga ratings?

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KiraRin says...

Hey hon, sorry for the delay, but I have been without interwebs for like 5 days now. Went oop north and spent all of my time visiting family, so no time to talk to you or more importantly, post on my blog! Almost 7 hours sat in the car on the way up cause of a combination of the snow, and Oxford council doing nothing about the roads. They hadn't gritted the A34 or M40, so it was a nightmare!

May not have to worry about my pain in the neck customer for too much longer, as I have a job interview in February. Just something I applied for on a whim, but I have passed numerous online tests and have now been invited to the London test centre to try my luck! Would be amazing if I got it, but I really wouldn't want to make the move to the big city - I love the New Forest too much!

And after saying I was rid of the cold, turns out I still have it - or at least some kind of virus. Been feeling distinctly dodgy for a few days now and it was terrible being out for my birthday and calling the night to a close early so I could get some sleep. I blame it on lack of tonsils!

Seems the blog is finally taking off - more views and more followers make Kira a happy girl! Must be the numerous perverts out there who want to read about the puppies... not that I'm looking at you. Strike Witches is certainly enjoyable (for more reasons than the obvious), and I think you should give it a whirl, sugar.

I have all of the family stuff out of the way now, and even better is not spending Christmas day there and being forced to eat dried up turkey and overcooked sprouts. You have to ask nicely to eat my homecooked delights, especially as I will spend most of the day prepping for the cooking! Even more awesome is that I got Jamies 30 min cookbook, so will be having awesome fun in the new year trying out some new dishes.

I know what you mean about family matters, having plenty of those at the moment too. Why people can't just get along, I'll never know. All of my family still live up north, I've been the only one to escape so far. Another reason I would never move back :P

If we go to Canada, it would be Vancouver to visit friends for a week. Be my friend's 30th, so a good excuse to fly all that way. Where have you been out there? I've not sampled any of it yet, so feeling a little clueless! And no, I'm not married yet. Been taking my time with that one (9.5 years so far). So for once, you can mark yourself as being right :P

If you want to see the pics from my hols, you should either jump on msn or irc sometime and I'll share them - even if you do sound like a horny 15 year old!

Thank you for the offer of the card, maybe next year ;P




Dec 24, 2010
Twyzted7 says...

Had time before work so as I was perusing old reviewers and touched back with KiraRin, I noticed your comment on age and such and decided to take a looksee (don't mind me, I am the random guy who pops up out of nowhere :)).  First thing I noticed is you're still young!

Take it from an old man! ( :D) as you reach the point of feeling age, just remember one thing.  Older generally always means better.

The older the liquor or wine, the better it tastes.  The older the car, the more reliable it's made.  The older the book, the more thought provoking it becomes.  The older the painting, the more coveted it is.

Being young is certainly fun, and while I'm not too far from those days, I'm at the point where just reminiscing (see, I would never have used that word back then, lol) leaves me with a headache from all the "fun".

Dec 20, 2010
Funkgun says...

Danka Swift. Yeah, I did not even know who and if anyone really reads the actual recommendations. I oft wondered if many just looks at the res with the highest number to find another appropriate similar title. Which is not a bad way to g. mind you.

I know that on the other hand, might look more to someone with similar tastes, or at least seems to grasp the overall nuance of a story, for a like title.


Anyhow, thanks. fun reading your bio.

Dec 12, 2010
KiraRin says...

I said underage because of you mocking my age. With age comes experience, I'll have you know :P Then again, 12 days to go til I'm almost leaving my 20's behind!

My customer is worse than a mug - we call him Dougal (from Father Ted), because we have never met someone so utterly feckless. What's scarier is that he's the customer for about £10 million of my contracts >.< I didn't get an apology from him, instead he blamed me for a stitch up. You get used to the public sector special cases after a while.

But I finally seem to be (mostly) better! It's been 3 weeks, but just getting over the last bit of a bad chest. If you see other people getting sick, take cover as there is most definitely something nasty going round!

If you enjoy the ecchi reviews, I should have one up soon for Strike Witches on the request of therik. Actually quite enjoying it, and the animation is gorgeous, but I have never seen so many panties in my life! All of the girls wear uniforms - apart from the trousers. So there are camel toes aplenty! You really should watch some ecchi, after all, you're a hot blooded male, aren't you...?

For Christmas, we're driving up to Manchester on the 19th, spending my birthday up there, then driving back on the 24th. Means we can get all of the annoying family stuff out of the way, then chill out with fillet steak on Christmas day. None of that dried out turkey here ;P

Thailand is definitely special. But I've been told we're going to Canada next year for a week to see friends out there, so going to be running low on holidays! May have to postpone the honeymoon til 2012 at this rate >.< But looking forward to the cheap beer and warm sandy beaches again. My best tip for the country is to take as few clothes as possible, and buy more out there. I got some gorgeous summery dresses for £3-4 each, so definitely packing light next time! But bollocks to the culture, I'm more the kind of person

How can you put on weight as a student? I spent most of my time drinking like a trooper, eating pizza and kebab and I was always a perfect size 10! It wasn't until I settled down that I managed to put weight on :p I guess discovering a love for cooking also helps. After the holiday, I *love* doing thai food - dumplings, spring rolls, curries, stir-fries..... all yummy ;P

The protests looked like awesome fun :D I hope you joined in! It's your right as a stoodent. I think it is awful putting up the fees so high, and will definitely put a lot of able people off being able to study. I think if anything, they should get rid of some of the pointless degrees (I remember laughing about "Swedish with soft furnishings" whilst browsing the UCAS book), and invest more in proper edjucation - like the sciences ;P

Anyways, you should swing by ISSUP again sometime. You're currently missing me sharing some of my thai pics :P





Dec 11, 2010
KiraRin says...

Hey there slowpoke, took your time. Guess it's all of that underage partying and drinking you're doing, young whippersnapper. 28 isn't too bad though, and I don't think 29 will be either - I'll tell you about it in 20 days. Hope you remembered the card :D

Customer meeting was... interesting. He phoned me at 9 to ask an unrelated question, so I enquired when he was reaching the site. The answer was "for what?". After explaining, he turned up 2 hours late, then accused me and the other supplier there of stitching him up. Magic. Just what I needed whilst sick. 2 weeks on, and I'm still full of a cold and getting ready to haul ass to the vets to be put to sleep.

Reviews do take a while when trying to give a balanced opinion, especially on something so popular. I like to make sure the (perverted) vocabulary matches the subject when writing too, when doing the ecchi reviews at least :p

I can't wait to be in the presence of something so gigantic, I'm weak at the knees already ;P

I'm lucky as a snivel servant, noone cares when you have time off. Luckily, my main project has the other PM coming back from honeymoon next week, so he's working most of Crimbo and can cover it. 10 working days left ^^ Just hope I'm feeling well enough to be back on the booze! Not touched it in over a week...

No idea why I loved Thailand so much - maybe it was the people, the food, the atmosphere, the weather, the beer, or a combination of all of them. It just felt like somewhere I could spend the rest of my life. I can't recommend it to people enough - Kuoni do some very decent deals out there, so once you graduate, you should look into it :p

But, should you wish to cook yorkshires, you can't beat these puppies:

Really easy, but absolutely amazing! I'm a huge cooking fan, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Loads of recipe books, and took a cooking course in Thailand, so I love spicy asian food. Also whip up some good (but bad for you) puddings....


Nom nom nom.....



Anyways, enjoy the snow ;P



Dec 3, 2010