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Just another person who's interested in anime, and is starting to get to grips with the medium.

I tend not to watch anime I don't think I'll like, and I try to use the full five-point scale, so my ratings are more skewed than some. Here's how I judge things:

5*: Masterpiece
4*: Excellent
3*: Good
2*: Average
1*: Meh

My favourite anime so far: Kino's Journey, FMA: Brotherhood, Toradora!, Welcome to the NHK!

Anime watched within the last month: Kokoro Connect, Natsume Yuujinchou, Michi Random.

Absolute favourites: Kino, Misaki Nakahara, Ohana Matsumae

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Twyzted7 says...

Clannad is awesome.  I loved Angel Beats! personally, you won't have to worry about anything emotional at least for the first 7 or 8 episodes, but it's a nice mix of Clannad meets Haruhi meets Canaan.  Throw in some nice background music and also some nice songs done by the characters and I thought it was a pretty amazing show.  And Strike Witches was awesome, very cutesy and all that but I thought it was still a pretty decent series.  I have no real complaints about it.

I saw in your profile you rewatched Black Lagoon.  Is one of my favorite series of all time.  If you like it you should definitely watch Phantom Requiem for the Phantom.  The same tone I'ld say overall, just a lot darker and just as bad ass.

Work was slow on that part, this was more retail work.  I do part time work at Gamestop and other things to supplement when my at home stuff is slow but it's just been an extremely busy couple months in that department since everyone can go out and spend money now without too much worry.

Belated New Years to you as well lol, even though mine is even later.  And thank you for the complimenting the blog, I was slammed this week with stuff so tomorrow I gotta do a lot of posting an catching up.

Jan 13, 2011
KiraRin says...

Hey hon, hope all is well with you. If I make you all nervous and blushy from text, then just be glad that you managed to avoid me at the APUK meet! (even if you are a girly man who is scared of ponies :P )

But now have my train tickets booked for my interview (4th Feb), and arranged to meet Kitty for dinner afterwards before I head back home. A little nervous about the test day, as there is a lot of accompanying paperwork I have to study beforehand! be exciting if nothing else!

I guess I am feeling better now, but I have a doctors appointment on Monday to make sure everything is finally clear. I started back at work on Tuesday just gone, and it has been a relentless nightmare ever since. Are you back getting your learn on? How much longer til you graduate, can't be long now til you're forced into the real world!

I recently posted another review, and I think you should watch that too. You may discover you have a lolicon side when you discover Uma... Then again, to be watching Strike Witches with a libido is probably a bad idea anyways, unless you have a soft spot for either enormous boobs or dead flat chests :p

If you have reasonable basic cooking skills (i.e. can chop an onion) and have everything out on the side before you start, then the 30 minute thing is very easy - I dunno what all of the hooha is about! And what do you mean your cooking will detonate my grey matter? Is it spicy, just that awesome or something else???

Unfortunately, flights everywhere have gone up significantly in price because of the increased fuel costs and general inflation. We do have over 5000 airmiles though, so are considering a weekend european break before summer. You have any holiday plans, or are you too poor of a stoodent?

Anyways, I have more crappy anime to watch (yay for Monochrome Factor and Suteki Tantei Labyrinth), so I'll catch you on the flip side ^^




Jan 7, 2011
KiraRin says...

Here is one you must watch if you like awesome animation :D




Dec 29, 2010
Twyzted7 says...

Heya :).  Clannad is certainly one that you must be prepared for indeed.  To be quite honest I couldn't even finish the second season my first time through with the series because of the emotional overload that waited ahead.  It's still one of the greatest animes in my opinion.  I've been waiting for that next great thing (Angel Beats! in terms of emotion in my opinion came close, but not quite), but I have yet to stumble upon it.

I saw that you've been working your way towards watching Strike Witches.  I would highly recommend it.  I initially watched it out of boredom, but by the time I finished the first season I was dying to start the second season.

Christmas was good, alot of driving but it's always worth it when it's for family (and of course when presents are involved!).  If it wasn't for work early the next morning, would have been a perfect weekend. Hope your holidays went well too.

And I know I'm not that old yet lol, but being the oldest out of my siblings, and even the oldest out of my girlfriends side of the family age range wise I figure I have some room to call myself an old man :). And yes, reminiscing too early on can be bad for your health :) lol.

Dec 29, 2010
KiraRin says...

Egads, that was indeed an epic reply. You deserve a slow clap for that one sweetie. But slow and steady with an impressive climax isn't necessarily a bad thing...

The journey up north was the worst part about it - 7 hours in the car to do just 250 miles was a killer. Thank god the Audi has an iPod port and plenty of musics to make things a little less painful. Aparently they were "unprepared" in Oxfordshire for the snow (Dorset managed fine).... bloody southerners :P

As for the new job, it's something I can't talk about, but would be an amazing career to progress. As I'm not going in at graduate level, I'm kinda hoping I could maybe start on a higher wage and that would cover travel in London. Well, a girl can hope, can't she? You should visit the new forest though - the views are spectacular and the ponies are lovely :P

Seem to be a bit better in the last week, although I have to admit to being perpetually tired. I have to admit to being in bed at 9pm the other night and waking up at 10am.....I'm not usually such a lazy cow, honest! My birthday was still fun though, and copious amounts of gin also helped. There were 8 of us went out for a curry, and it was pretty damned good.

I hope family stuff didn't get you down too much - I think I was let off lightly this year due to the festive cheer. Sucks though when people let their own problems become your problems too :(

You really should watch Strike Witches, even if it is just to further my plans of turning you into a proper pervert. I've just finished Magical Pokan, and that is utterly adorable and a lot of fun - well worth a look! Especially as you have some questionable sounding shows on your want to watch list. Thanks for the kind bloggy comments again! There is a way to officially follow, but I have no idea how to do it...

I had a lovely Christmas day, nice and quiet. How was yours? Overindulge? I'm cooking one of Jamies recipes tonight in fact - the duck salad with the big crispy croutons. Got some fresh bread baking as we speak! His recipes are extremely simple to follow - just make sure you have everything out before you start! I don't think I've ever tried Veezuealan before, but I'm game for most things! Looking forwards to it :p

The Canada trip has been put on hold for now. Our friends have decided to go skiing, and whilst I would love to join them, £600 each for flights, £400 each for the hotel, £350 each for a lift pass, ski hire, insurance, food etc etc... bit too pricey when I need a few grand for the wedding next year. Maybe the year after, as it does look like a beautiful country to explore.

Be good to chat on msn again (not that it happened much before!). You should at least drop by irc and catch up with the perverted gossip in there :P


Anyways, take it easy!



Dec 28, 2010