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Just another person who's interested in anime, and is starting to get to grips with the medium.

I tend not to watch anime I don't think I'll like, and I try to use the full five-point scale, so my ratings are more skewed than some. Here's how I judge things:

5*: Masterpiece
4*: Excellent
3*: Good
2*: Average
1*: Meh

My favourite anime so far: Kino's Journey, FMA: Brotherhood, Toradora!, Welcome to the NHK!

Anime watched within the last month: Kokoro Connect, Natsume Yuujinchou, Michi Random.

Absolute favourites: Kino, Misaki Nakahara, Ohana Matsumae

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Anime ratings

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Nayume816 says...

hi^^ I just joined today and hope we can become a great friend^^


Feb 26, 2011
KiraRin says...

Hey there slowpoke, hope you're keeping well. Hospital sounds a little onminous though, anything serious? Perhaps I should take it easy on you if you're all poorly at the moment!

The interview was extremely bizarre in format, but it was a fun day out. Unfortunately, I didn't get the job, but the logistics and expense of travelling into London on a daily basis would have been extremely prohibitive. Also, it was a good excuse to go out with Kitty for dinner and a couple of drinks! For now, i'll stay where I am (on a crap salary), get some free training and then maybe venture out into the private sector. Sadly, I don't think it would be quite as exciting!

The evening entertainment went extremely well last weekend, although I was a little uncomfortable when a friend said to his wife "why do you never cook like this?". Bloody men :p Definitely can't wait to do it again though - always nice to have people appreciate my hard work, including the fancy folded napkins :P You should talk your friends into trying it though. Never know, they may discover an inner Jamie...

It sounds like students are screwed whatever they do. I love how the government is harping on about paying less per month, but include interest in that and you're going to be repaying a shitty loan for the rest of your life!

Believe me, you don't want to know what MAR is. It's just shounen trash really, but I'm sadly hooked. I'm also delving into MM! (just read the synop for a giggle), but haven't watched anything much in a couple of weeks. I've seen Noein, and my Physics degree kicked into action for that one. The animation is quite pretty, however I thought the ending was a tad disappointing.

Anyways, hope to hear back from you before 2011 runs out ^^



Feb 12, 2011
KiraRin says...

Sheesh, almost a month to say hi - hence the sadpanda face. But I will pass on the whips and chains, as I fear you may enjoy it just a little too much...

Life has been extremely busy with work, however I have the assessment/interview tomorrow. I still need to do some revision, but I guess I'll do it on the train as I have a busy morning having my hair and nails done. Then, a wedding fayre on saturday day followed by friends around that evening so I can do a little Come Dine with Me. I can't wait to make the little spun sugar cages again to go with a vanilla pannacotta and sloe gin reduction....

Glad to hear university is keeping you freeloaders in check :p You still planning on staying on even though the fee rises are going to be implemented? Seems completely crazy to me, and I'm tempted to start saving now for my future kids!

So, you watch anything good (or that I recommended)? I'm on MAR at the moment, which is pretty.... shounen >.>

Anyways, take care and get back soon!



Feb 3, 2011
KiraRin says...





Jan 22, 2011
Archaeon says...

Thanks very much.

Jan 21, 2011