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Just another person who's interested in anime, and is starting to get to grips with the medium.

I tend not to watch anime I don't think I'll like, and I try to use the full five-point scale, so my ratings are more skewed than some. Here's how I judge things:

5*: Masterpiece
4*: Excellent
3*: Good
2*: Average
1*: Meh

My favourite anime so far: Kino's Journey, FMA: Brotherhood, Toradora!, Welcome to the NHK!

Anime watched within the last month: Kokoro Connect, Natsume Yuujinchou, Michi Random.

Absolute favourites: Kino, Misaki Nakahara, Ohana Matsumae

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Anime ratings

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  • 4
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57 total

What?! No manga ratings?

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KiraRin says...

Hey hon,


Sorry, I've been really busy too and only ever log on to the site to keep tabs on my anime list. Too much work to talk about in a message and nothing exciting in my life at the moment apart from oodles of wedding planning.


How are you holding up? How go the exams?


Better get back sooner than the previous 2 month record!




Jun 6, 2011
VivisQueen says...

Hey SilverSwift,

I think you were one of those interested in Legend of the Galactic Heroes? There's a buddy group starting for it on MOnday 13th June. We're watching at three eps a day and discussion is in its thread in the forum. In case you feel like joining.

Jun 5, 2011
KiraRin says...

Finally got around to watching 20th Century Boys (first movie of 3). It was distinctly average, but I have to say there was something intreguing about it that has got me wanting to see more. Not convinced by the ending, but overall pretty good. Unlike your skill at replying to messages...




Apr 28, 2011
KiraRin says...

Hey hon, how goes? Still not seen you on msn... so much for your big announcement ;p I've not been online much recently - either to reply to you or to post another review. I do have one half finished for the newest Kodomo no Jikan OVA, so keep an eye out for it!

Still working on wedding stuffs too. Made a load of place cards that are little butterflies that sit on the edge of the wine glasses. Spent painstaking time gluing on little sparkly crystals and then hand writing the calligraphy names... starting to dawn on me how many people are coming >.<

Well, the other job I talked to you about won't be happening. My team leader took me aside to say they can't lose me and asked what it would take to keep me. So I get some extra perks and can stay with my girlies! You'll have all of this to come... job hunting... heartbreak,... negotiations... fun times :p

Yes, you certainly need to work on your manliness, especially if you're scared of ISSUP! We're a lovely bunch, even if you are sooooo scared of me ;P Looking forward to you trying to prove otherwise though!

If you're looking for yet more anime, Katekyo Hitman Reborn is good. Unfortunately, the first 25 episodes are some of the worst dross imaginable! Once you're past that, however, it is some brilliant shounen! Nana is a must though - as is Skip Beat. Both are awesome drama and have some very strong female leads. Bamboo Blade is good, but doesn't live up to its full potential.

Up to about half a stone lost now, and I'm feeling great! Looking forward to a day off tomorrow though, as I'm really starting to ache after 5 days of work outs! I'm still not convinced about the running thing, but each to their own I guess... Zumba is a latin dance/excercise class that looks like a lot of fun. Not made it there yet, but maybe soon!

Anyways, hope you're doing well and I look forward to hearing about your big announcement :p




Mar 28, 2011
KiraRin says...

Just downloading the 20th Century Boys live action movie.... I'll get back to you on what I thought :p




Mar 20, 2011