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Just another person who's interested in anime, but hasn't really gotten fully into it yet, on the whole.

Love the new rewatch feature!

Anime watched within the last month: Hanasaku Iroha, Kill la Kill, Shinsekai Yori

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KiraRin says...

Bwahahh, you can call me mistress if you wish - perhaps I should change my title to "mistress of ecchi"...

It seems that the shows I really don't think I will enjoy, I eventually completely fall in love with - especially shoujo trash. Cardcaptor Sakura, Princess Tutu, Shugo Chara, the list goes on. They just make a welcome change sometimes from the copious amounts of perversion I seem to find myself watching :p

But yes, the Impreza went a couple of weeks ago, and I have been missing her muchly. However, the weather was reasonably nice today, so I remembered why I love to have a drop top and I don't feel quite as bad. And yes, I am a bit of a car aficionado (and still have to finish writing the review for Wangan Midnight). From a 1979 Mini City, to a vauxhall Tigra, then a mk1 Mazda Eunos, then a 2 litre turbo Impreza, then the Impreza STI, and now a 2.5 litre BMW cabriolet. Pondering an Audi S4 convertible next :p

Well, I hope you had a great holiday, and the weather wasn't too bad for you. You should come to one of the mini AP meets we've had - I met fellow reviewer therik again the other week, and we're trying to convince Cassie and Anglokitty to come play out sometime soon :D


Aug 7, 2010
KiraRin says...

You have plenty of time to train and become a fully fledged otaku. Just keep it up young padwan, you will get there in no time! If you ever need any recs, let me know and I will direct you to someone who can give better advice than myself :D

As to watching crappy shows, I have to say some I thought would be utterly awful have actually been rather enjoyable. Kaleido Star, for example, is totally mushy shoujo-trash, but is the kind of trash I love :P

And working hard? everything seems to be calming down a little now (I hope). Unfortunately, I had to sell my beloved Impreza this weekend, as doing 1500 a month on 18mpg was killing my bank account. So instead, I now have an old convertible BMW... well, I will later this week. For now, I just have to borrow my better halfs Lotus >:D

But get to Baccano, and prepare for the initial confusion!


Jul 25, 2010
KiraRin says...

How on earth can you dislike ecchi? It should be the lifeblood of every red-blooded otaku :p

But as to reviews, I currently have 2 that will be posted very soon (one ecchi, one not). Plus sothis used some TACO points to force me to watch Dual! Parallel adventures, so I will have to review that soon ._.

Things are going okay here, getting seriously overloaded at work though. My poor team leader will be getting an ear bending next week as I try to offload some of the crappier projects to someone else.

Glad to hear all is well with you - you should pop by more often :D


Jul 20, 2010
KiraRin says...

Thank you for your kind words Silver!

Maria Holic is well worth a look, especially if you enjoyed SZS. The animation is stunning, and although it is full of ecchi, the comedy is pretty much the same!

Anyhoo, hope all is well with you... stoodent :p


Jul 15, 2010
valondar says...

Thank you very much for commenting; though I fear my regular activity on the internet and this site in general is fairly erratic these days. I also think Kino's Journey is generally an excellent problem.

Jun 24, 2010