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Hmm.. Hi, Call me Mayrin n.n I love anime a looooot but not otaku style...

My own way ...

I'm not obsessed with it , don't know all the authors,series,types and stuff.. only what I care for..

I don't have a special type of anime.. or anything at all , as long as it fills my expectations and gets my atention, I will like it ... just as music (even if I prefer metal a tiny bit hehe) , or clothes ( I don't care about fashion or what others use, I'm Myself,not a copy of others . And hate being copied or imitated)

I'm kinda sadistic.. and veery sarcastic. But I usually get along with people xP ..

I'm as curious as a cat, and love shinny stuff xP.

I actually talk normal to almost everyone, and my way of showing affection is bitting ,scratching or kicking n.n ... I can have my cute moments too n.n *purrs*

I like Yaoi,Hentai And Yuri.

You can call me perv.. everyone does... but I'm not a strange hentai-otaku that lives for that...

I love nature and animals, and everything that hasn't been affected by human acts. I really don't like kids, they annoy me pretty fast.

So , hell yeah I'm strange, so what? n.n

If after reading all this you still wanna talk , go ahead n.n, I won't bite...well.. maybe I will xD

Oh yeah, I'm kinda polite and don't like vulgar people or vulgar talking too.. so please watch ur..mouth? hands.. byebye n.n

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jslight4 Jul 10, 2008

Woop that was an incomplete sentece. I clicked off the screen and pressed enter thinking I was in the text box.

I watched DMC, and now im trying to finish Chrono Crusade. Overall both were pretty good, except DMC's eding could have been better =)

(my internet doesnt hate me, it just doesnt know I exist yet)

jslight4 Jul 10, 2008

Just finished watching devil may cry

jslight4 Jul 9, 2008

Weird I've been having internet problems too... (usually I just lose connection for like 5 minutes every so often though =) )

jslight4 Jul 2, 2008

glad to hear =D

well im off, maybe you could recommend me a good anime you like or two.