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Marmalade Boy Manga


I had bought and read the first three volumes years ago.  I think back in 2004 or something.  I had liked it, but I never ended up buying more at the time.  Then recently I decided, since it had been so long, I'd read a few chapters online to see if I thought I should pick up the rest of it.  That got me hooked again, and I ordered the rest of it.

I just finished reading the last volume a few minutes ago.  I must say, despite the fact that the story itself is pretty darn predictable, I loved the presentation.  For me, the biggest thing about a story (in any form: book, manga, anime, movie, etc.) is the presentation.  The way Marmalade Boy is done just pulled me in and made me want to keep reading.  

Definitely glad I picked up the rest of it.  I know there's an anime of it, but I haven't checked it out because, quite frankly, I tend not to like the way these things transfer to anime.  Kind of like Kare Kano; I loved the manga, but the anime struck me as "blah".  I think just the way this kind of story is, I always find the manga format more potent.  I may check out the anime at some point, but it's certainly not on my list of priorities.

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