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Pet Shop of Horrors

11 JUL

I'd heard about Pet Shop of Horrors a number of times, and people seemed to be fond of it; last night I finally got around to watching it.

The older animation didn't bother me.  The concept, while somewhat strange, didn't bother me.  But the show itself was a let down.  I'm not a big fan of the horror genre, not because I don't like a good scary movie, but because so many of them are focused too hard on the situtation itself, rather than the characters.  

I cut off after episode one.  Given the concept of the show, I couldn't see the formula changing from what it was in the first episode: Count D sells someone a pet, and they do exactly what they're told not to, then they scream as things go wrong, and Count D comes back at the end.  Blah.  And top it off with cardboard-characters.  

I believe horror should be focused on the characters, the horror should be that of the person the story is about.  But unfortunately, most horror creators seem to be far too interested in the "scary situation" they're setting up.  But perhaps that's just me.

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jadeevans avatar jadeevans
May 25, 2011

You say that you don't like the show but you did not watch pass the 1st episode. I have watched all for episodes several times. While I agree with some of what you say about the idioticy of the pet owners, I do not agree with you about the show itself.

Using the 1st episode as reference on your like/dislike is not wise. It is probably the worst of the bunch. Have you ever heard the saying, "Saving the best for last"? My favorite episode was of course the fourth and final episode... followed by the third episode. Try it again and see if you have a change of mind. I don't think that it would hurt to watch the episodes out of order.

Just so you know, I also am not a big fan of the horror genre. It has been a long time sense I have seen any kind of horror movie (besides... they all just repeat the same story line). The more real it becomes, the sooner I leave. On that note, the Pet Shop of Horror is not really about the 'horror'. It the about the lesson/meaning behind each sale.

If you don't believe my interpretation... believe this:

The best way to learn is through others mistakes.

bvincent avatar bvincent
Jan 13, 2010

hmm  ive also heard alot on this anime , i think i'll still give it ago but i'll go in not expecting much. then again alot of the time that helps

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