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Last night I just re-watched Jin-Roh.  I had actually only seen the movie once before, and and it was... probably at least five years ago, maybe more.

I had forgotten how beautifully animated that movie is.  All the little details and movements normal things would avoid because they're a pain to animate, it jumps right into.  And quite frankly I'm a fan of the art style--some times I get really annoyed with the ever so common eyes the size of half a character's face, and all the "glossy" look of everything in a lot of newer shows.  The art style really helps set the feel for a serious, dark movie.

The story itself plays out almost like a slice-of-life thing based around someone who's life isn't so mundane.  The pacing is slow, and the action's there because that's part of the story, not in action movie kind of way.  While it certainly has it's plot going, the focus is really on the characters; just watching them as they go through things.  

I'm glad I re-watched this (completely on a whim).  I think next time I won't wait quite so long before watching it again.

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