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Let me introduce myself, 
I'm a girl and I'm known as Rin Xaphir Melvillei.
I'm 16 years old and I was born on March 23rd 1995.
I'm mostly being random, but I can be very serious if you hit my nerves.

For my friends,
I love hanging around with them.
Because they give me a feeling that I'm wanted on this world.
I feel "home"when they're around,
They cheer you up when you're sad,
They make funny jokes with you,
They make you smile every time you see them.
I never want to lose such awesome friends who care so much for me.
I will always be there for them as well, if I can.

I like drawing, so well as traditional as digital.
But I draw digital more, because it's just easier.
I can only draw animals especially wolves,
Because I'm still kind of learning how to draw anime people.
But I'm getting there someday, then I can draw them as well.

I like listening to music a lot, because I get calm of it.
I get inspiration to draw something as well.
When I'm sad it kind of cheers me up. It sounds weird but it's true.
I mostly listen to metal, but I listen to some other genres too.

I like horror, gore and thriller movies, but comedy movies as well.
People look at me weird if I say if we should watch a horror movie.
I find it funny that the most people shit their pants already,
when I showed them the cover of the movie.
I like those kind of movies because you get more fantasy and stuff in your mind.
It's also fun to get scared and don't sleep, 
That's my way to stay awake~
Nah just kidding, I drink Energy Drink a lot because it tastes awesome like that.
But somehow I don't get hyper of that shizzle, so yeah.

What I hate, are people who think they're better than other people and brag around with that.
Those people are just pathetic to me, and should just rot in a hole.
I hate people who bully other people for how they look like, how they act or what land they come from.
Everyone is free to be their own, 
So they shouldn't get bullied for how they want to live in this fucked up world.
And people who correct my spelling, they're just annoying and think they can do better.
Although they make tons of mistakes as well.
People who hate others in this world, should think clearly why.
Because how would you feel if we all did the same back like someone else treats us?

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