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Quick look to Winter 2012-13


To be honest. Animes for winter season 2012-2013 don't look good.

There are like Chihayafuru season 2 (YAY~! for this) and AKB0048 Next Stage I'll definitely watch.

As for the other shows that'll be airing... I don't know. Also most of the series are continuations for series I've never watched.

I'm not sure how many shows from past seasons will continue. I mean along side with the obvious shows like Naruto, Fairy Tail, HxH..

Maybe Space Bothers/Uchuu Kyoudai? Sword Art Online? Wikipedia says it's going to have 25 episodes. But the story seems to take longer than lasting 3 episode (I think)?

Well maybe I have time to shorten my 'want to watch/must watch' list on this winter season.

But to get back on the winter season 2012-13. If you know a series that'll definitely be very good and not some random panty flash show then please recommend it to me :)

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