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Fall 2012


I haven't updated this blog for (almost) a year! Shame on me!

But yeah, this is just a short entry about Fall 2012 animes that have started airing (or will start soon).

Let's start with the "These I will definitely watch"

Bakuman 3: I loved the first 2 season, how can I not like this one too? I've been waiting for this ever since the 2nd season ended.

Suki-tte Ii na Yo: I have to say, I just love good romantic animes and this anime has a potential to be the one. I've only watched the 1st episode but it told me enough. Watch!Watch!Watch! I haven't read the manga but I definitely will.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun: Seemed good by only watching the 1st episode. I think it's going to be this normal tsundere!girl x easy-going!I-will-always-love-you!sometimes I'm kinda dork!guy love story. We'll see how's the story going to proceed.

Maybe or Maybe Not?

K: This seems pretty good action anime. And I really like the visual art of the show. Only bad thing is that Namikawa Daisuke is voicing the main character and I can only think of Hetalia's Italy...

Little Busters: I couldn't get much from the first episode so it kinda forces me to watch next one, so I can have somekind of opinion. (But why I have a feeling this will be dropped soon.. so I'm waiting this show to amaze me!)

Psycho-Pass: All I can say is that this seems like good one. I have to wait till next week(?) till this starts airing.

Shin Sekai Yori: After seeing two episodes I can't say much about this series. The beginning of the first episode seemed interesting but 2nd episode wasn't that interesting. But i'm going to see more episodes so I know if the story is going to be interesting enough.

Zetsuen no Tempest: Story seems good after watching the first episode. But I really need more to say if I keep watching this or not. Also.. it might be only me but this show reminds me little bit of No. 6..

Series I think I'll drop after 1-2 episodes

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!: The story was so interesting I already forgot what it was about. Oh yeah it was about that weird guy and that even more weird girl. This is dropped right after 1st episode.

Code:Breaker: I watched the 1st episode this morning and it seems just like something I won't like.. Dropped it before the episode ended..

Kamisama Hajimenashita: Somehow the story of weird girl falling in love with fox-yokai-bishounen guy doesn't interest me so much.

Series I still need to check out

Btooom!, Girls und Panzer


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