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28 OCT

I watched this Anime as a recommendation.  For me it was really weak.  Almost the whole Anime was not strong until the very end where they finally focus on Misuzu.  I feel like the whole beginning to middle-ish was wasted on the two girls whom to me, didn't really matter to the story.  They were just two characters with overly-depressing stories that did not pertain to what to me, was the real purpose of the show, the flying girl.

 Then all of a sudden it's about the Misuzu again and this so called 'romantic' relationship.  There was no connection that I saw between Misuzu and Yukito.  He was running off like an idiot the whole time working at a part time job and focusing on these other two girls.  What purpose did those two girls serve, the part time job or the 'puppeteering.'  There was no room for their relationship to grow, because it was just crammed into a few episodes until he was her guardian.

Honestly though, once it got to the end and they started focusing more on her, it got really sad and emotional.  There was that relationship out of Misuzu and her 'Mother,' that was really touching.  That's where the anime got really strong.  If they would have focused more on that story, that ONE story it would have been a really strong anime.  It was really interesting to see the past too.  To see where the story began and how it happened.  I mean over all, once it hit a certain point it was good...the ending...it really confused me though.

Does that mean that he failed to save her and the next would be the little kids on the beach trying to save the lonely girl in the sky??  I dunno...this was a really confusing anime that had a horrible ending.  It had a great idea, but it just fell flat and made me really mad in the end...you keep watching and watching...hoping and hoping, but it doesn't change really.

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punkgrl326 avatar punkgrl326
Mar 29, 2013

Definitely agree with this review. The ending actually made me angry which has only ever happened with one other anime I've watched. Although in that case, the ending was necessary. Here, it just seemed pointless and nothing pertaining to the story of the flying girl was ever actually explained to you. Overall, it felt like a huge waste of time.

Mog avatar Mog
Oct 19, 2011

I expected so much from this one after watching Clannad/Kanon but, it was a huge letdown. It started strong, then everything got too confusing and it just stopped making sense and lost it's touch.

WalkingEast avatar WalkingEast
Nov 7, 2010

I just finished watching this anime, and honestly, what was with that ending? What the hell happened? How did he turn into a bird? Why did he turn into a bird if it couldn't help Misuzu - wasn't the magic in the doll supposed to be used to help her?

I liked the first two arcs because they were coherent and made sense - the "Air" arc, aka epsidoes 10 - 12 made no sense whatsoever. It seems like they were trying to pull a Clannad: After Story, but failed miserably.

I agree with most of your review and the rating of 5/10!

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