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I knew about this site... but I never did actually make account for it, since I had MAL. I stumbled apon it while googling username of friend of mine who did not want to tell me where her list was. So I checked out site and saw that it is quite different from 2 years ago, when I first spoted it.

Good thing: I made account.

Bad thing: Never stalk a stalker. And if you do, do not tell them. >.>


1st anime completed: Fate/stay night
100th anime completed: n/a
200th anime completed: n/a
300th anime completed: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Specials 3 October 2010
400th anime completed :GoSick 15 July 2011

Best episode of 2010: Angel Beats episode 9

First few sentences of main character in Bakuman... described my life/thoughts the most. I cant believe that we have that much resemblance... :x

Started One Piece marathon:
12-01-10, 4:13 PM Episode 1 - One Piece
Finished One Piece marathon:
01-20-11, 8:49 PM Episode 483 - One Piece (last episode watched so far)
01-20-11, 11:17 PM One Piece recap OVA - last episode watched on marathon

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Tyranid5 Oct 6, 2011

Except, I'm a lazy ass who needs to finish my English paper for a midterm..... I'll research it and get it done next week. This weekend is vacation/....... welll you know. Sorry for the wait. I'll probably look into it Sunday. May take a while because, we are trying to get like 3-4 things changed with the People Database at the same time, which is just slowing them all down.

Tyranid5 Oct 5, 2011

lol, I was just messin with you. I'm a People and Character Mod and get to things.... when I have time. I mean college, there's other more important things to do. Especially on the weekends.

Among all the trollin and inactivity of htwa? lol xD

Yeah, I know. I'm not in charge of Fate/Zero. But I talked to the mod doing the series. He just didn't add the character yet because it only appeared in the last couple of seconds. And wanted to try to get a pic for it.

Tyranid5 Oct 4, 2011

Hey bud, don't get sothis too much stuff right away lol jk.

Remember me bro? Just hit me up if you got some complaints and crap, I'll get it put together.

sothis Oct 4, 2011

We don't know each other - I own/created this site, saw your profile as the 'newest user' on the users homepage and thought I'd leave a comment.

I'm sorry to hear that you think joining the site was a mistake :/

sothis Oct 4, 2011

Hehe, we've definitely changed a lot in the last few years :) coming up are some pretty big changes too within a few weeks, such as a site activity/friend feed ^_^