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I knew about this site... but I never did actually make account for it, since I had MAL. I stumbled apon it while googling username of friend of mine who did not want to tell me where her list was. So I checked out site and saw that it is quite different from 2 years ago, when I first spoted it.

Good thing: I made account.

Bad thing: Never stalk a stalker. And if you do, do not tell them. >.>


1st anime completed: Fate/stay night
100th anime completed: n/a
200th anime completed: n/a
300th anime completed: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Specials 3 October 2010
400th anime completed :GoSick 15 July 2011

Best episode of 2010: Angel Beats episode 9

First few sentences of main character in Bakuman... described my life/thoughts the most. I cant believe that we have that much resemblance... :x

Started One Piece marathon:
12-01-10, 4:13 PM Episode 1 - One Piece
Finished One Piece marathon:
01-20-11, 8:49 PM Episode 483 - One Piece (last episode watched so far)
01-20-11, 11:17 PM One Piece recap OVA - last episode watched on marathon

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Hoklica Oct 25, 2011

Kojim muskim komentarima, daj primer.

a ne znam na koju haruhi temu si mislio...


hmhm.. udaljeno ili previse otvoreno..hah, ja sam jedna normalna devojka, obicna, don't misunderstand me.

Tyranid5 Oct 16, 2011

lol, sorry last weekend + week I had a college project that took priority. Sothis handeled it though.

Hoklica Oct 15, 2011

pa ovaj profil postoji malo duze nego sto tebe znam :)


dodala sam te young stalkeru


Hoklica Oct 15, 2011

da vidimo opet taj komentar :)