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Secret Santa Review

WARNING THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS! I recommend you watch it before reading.

This anime has some unique character stuff going on for it. A ghost with an alter ego fed by misery. Sounds exciting doesn't it? The animation isn't of the best quality iv'e seen and the sound is parred at an acceptional level. (basic sound, but nothing annoying) The club characters are very complex.

Yuko Kanoe: Probably the most interesting of the club. Serving the club as a ghost president she has been lonely but Teiichi Niiya and Kirie Kanoe have recognized her and since been happy. Of-course she falls in love with the only man in the world who can see her. It only makes sence that would happen. Yuko has forgotten how she had died and the reason why the club exists is to find that out. As she finds out that she is selfishly protecting herself from the misery of her past and shoving it to an alter ego 'her shadow'. This shadow feels every pain she has ever had and is not happy about it at all.

Teiichi Niiya: The lover of Yuko. As he is the only male on the planet who can see her this was a dead give-away. He gets involved with her past as he tries to persuade Yuko into accepting it. He relives her live and dead when he touches Yuko's shadow. 

Momoe Okonogi: she's a 'I got saved by a hero cliché' not saying it's a bad thing. I like her. I don't know why but I kinda like her for her Journalistic-esc character. It kinda uniquely-fies her. (not sure if that word can be used like that). She is good competition for Yuko and keeps the anime fresh and active.

Kirie Kanoe: Not just someone in the club who can see Yuko no she ends up being Yuko's grandniece. Just like the rest of the club: she kinda likes Teiichi Niiya. 

Opinion before and after watching: I was hoping for a good ghost love story at school with some ecchi scenes. That ended up being true, but there was MORE to it. a lot more. It was definitely an interesting plot and a very well thought of character backstory. I'd recommend it for sure. 

Story: 8/10

Animation: 7/10

Sound: 6/10

Characters: 8/10 

Total: (8+7+6+8) / 4 = 7.3

I hope you agree on my review or if this got you interested in watching the anime. I sure liked watching it. Oh and... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

-Shiyobu Taonuki-

8/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.3/10 overall
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