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                                                           Hello, Visitor! ❤                     

My real name is Shiveha and I live in India.Yes, India indeed has its fair share of otakus. xD

I promise I'm interesting talk to mehh ;w; I'll reply as soon as possible (Ha! xD) 


                                            My favourite Anime :

Bleach, and will always be . Call me a Bleachtard or anything, but Bleach is the first long anime I've ever seen, and I have a sort of attachment to all of its characters.Especially, Urahara. He's my first love :D

So whoseover is here to insult Bleach or make fun of it, I'm not the right person to talk to. :3


^That's my Urahara looking awesome as always! xD

Oh, and a special mention goes to Sket Dance, an anime with potential to change the way you view life without being too deep/gory/philosophical. 

Another recent favourite of mine is the classic called Serial Experiments: Lain. People find it bizarre, confusing and even weird, but that's what it's supposed to be.That anime is an artpiece and it's meant to be interpreted in your own way. Take for example, a piece of poetry.People derive different meanings from the same arrangement of words, and I challenge you to derive your own meaning from those 13 episodes. It's one of the most open ended, but one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

And why does nobody like Tamako Market? It is a really cute show and I highly recommend it.





 Never stop believing in miracles.                   

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alibabapumkin says...

Okay, so I belive that my post got lost in all the other comments, so I'm just gonna post it again ^^ (someone here is pretty popular huh?) 

My top 10 favorite anime openings;

1) Magi OP 1 ~ V.I.P 

2) Your Lie in April OP 1 ~ Hikaru Nara

3) Steins;Gate OP ~ Hacking to the gate

4) Naruto Shippuden OP 3 ~ Blue Bird

5) Gosick OP ~ Destin Histoire

6) Death Parade OP ~ Flyers

the last four is just random, not really in any order :}

7) Attack on Titan OP 1 ~ Gurren no Yumiya

8) Pandora Hearts OP ~ Parallel Hearts

9) AIR TV OP ~ Tori no Uta / Birds Poem

10) Lovely Complex OP 1 ~ Kimi + Boku = Love

Aug 1, 2015
Android21 says...


Just so you know....I had changed my Science stream to Humanities!! 

Jul 31, 2015
prigon says...

Shivi sama tell me some more anime like the world god only knows plz

Jul 15, 2015
Android21 says...

Ya, Pre-11th life sure was fun :(((( Utopia! 

:( We are on the same boat haha... :l Ya, I can see that much haha A True Dystopia! Ah School life makes me depressed *Scream* I am despair! Haha I will continue using anime as some kind of drugs to get rid of depression... :l

Thanks!...Same to you, Best of luck!!

:O That's awesome!! I love Japanese songs too! Nee, Name some of your favourite songs please! :D

Jul 6, 2015
Android21 says...

Hello there ^^

Really? From tomorrow :O...6 of July? My school was opened from 1st of July 0_0 though I started going from today lol...Same here lol 6 more months :O That sure would be awesome! :D

Ya...Just got back from school :/ XD It's not like my school was to begin from July, I just wasn't in any school back then lol So, Logically I was absent for about 2 months (April and May). My previous school was till 10th grade thus I had no choice but to change my school :/ haha xD and now I got myself pile of work to do xD...

I am not a NEET anymore wahaha lol...

Nee, Do you like Japanese songs ^^?

Jul 6, 2015