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Ano..... I dont really know what to write ^_^"... I guess I dont really have nothing to say about myself ^_^""" But I'll try my best! (`・ω・´)” And here goes my silly bio! 

My real name is Shiveha and I live in India.Yes, India indeed has its fair share of otakus. xD

I really like all things moe and cute and call me girly or whatever xD Mikuru and Eru chitanda are the moest alive people.  Tamako Kitashirakawa is the reigning queen of moe for me  till the end of all eternity. I adore, admire, idolise and love her to death ! >W< 


Adorable. Adorable. ADORABLE!!

                                            My favourite Anime :

Bleach, and will always be . Call me a Bleachtard or anything, but Bleach is the first long anime I've ever seen, and I have a sort of attachment to all of its characters.Especially, Urahara. He's my first love :D

So whoseover is here to insult Bleach or make fun of it, I'm not the right person to talk to. :3


^That's my Urahara looking awesome as always! xD

Oh, and a special mention goes to Sket Dance, an anime with potential to change the way you view life without being too deep/gory/philosophical. 




      Neguse- Tamako Market Ed <3 



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BleachSta4Eva says...

Hhheeeyyy! *hugs back* How are you? I missed you. Of course I remember you. Sorry for late response. Life has been soo crazy.

Mar 29, 2015
disabar says...

sorry for the late reply........

am studing for a major I 

mean major test.... Calculus test

But how have u been doing ? ^_*

Mar 28, 2015
Kurugaya says...

I know what you mean. I have a small handful of characters that I like simply because they are cute and fun to watch lol. Tamako and Chitanda are the only two Kyoani main girls that I don't dislike (or hate in Haruhi's case).

I'm afraid that I find Tamako Market average too. I think that I've been too spoiled by K-ON! because in comparision I find most of Kyoani's shows subpar. Besides K-ON!, I like Free! and Suzumiya Haruhi (the movie more than the TV series), but the rest of their shows fall a bit flat for me. Chuunibyou could have been alright, but then the second season happened....

I wouldn't consider myself a seasoned watcher yet. 

I still have some classics in anime left to watch/complete before I can feel like a seasoned nerd lol.

They sound a pretty similar and pretty different when you read personality pages about them lol.

Ah, my first follower! I shall follow you back now. :)

Mar 27, 2015
masquerade817 says...

Well, I don't like reading online where you've to turn pages like *click* *click* *click* :P (I'm weird that way)

It was AWESOME BTW. When Switch came and said "I'm proud of you guys", I was like "Oh damn!" and then they hugged him and fell down and started laughing and then crying it was so emotional.. :') Also Switch's speech and when Bossun's tells Himeko what he's planned. :'( And Himeko confessing to Bossun at the airport XD XD That was so damn hilarious!! XD

Trust me, SKET Dance was a really awesome thing that happened to me. :'D I'm so glad I watched it!

Why trouble the horses? =_= Poor creatures!

Mar 27, 2015
DLMP says...

Ya, I know. I watched Inari Kon Kon and it's cute/funny anime. I  really liked it.

Mar 27, 2015