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                                                         Here for your daily dose of adorableness, eh? 


                                                           Hello, Visitor! ❤                     

So yes, intro. I'm 17, tiny, and the kawaiiest of dem all 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。 And I love cute things! I like learning something new everyday and procrastinating.I speak really cutely in real life if you meet me sometime! Guess it's just my voice. Although I sometimes seriously consider becoming a seiyuu :3 Though people tend to believe I'm a quiet little Yuki Nagato, I'm a really clumsy Mikuru Asahina >o<

I love being witty and funny, but I guess I'm a little too introvert for the world too know my funny-ness, and I'm working on it!

My favourite colour would have to be Pink and my favourite number is 8.

I love Cats even though I don't own one :3

My favourite male and female  Seiyuus are   Tomokazu Sugita and Aya Suzaki respectively. :D

I promise I'm interesting so talk to  mehh ;w; I'll reply as soon as possible (Ha! xD) 

No kidding, I'll love to know more about you! I love talking! 


                                          My favourite Anime :

Bleach, and will always be . Call me a Bleachtard or anything, but Bleach is the first long anime I've ever seen, and I have a sort of attachment to all of its characters.Especially, Urahara. He's my first love :D

So whoseover is here to insult Bleach or make fun of it, I'm not the right person to talk to. :3


^Husbando for life ╰(*´︶`*)╯

Oh, and a special mention goes to Sket Dance, an anime with potential to change the way you view life without being too deep/gory/philosophical.

And why does nobody like Tamako Market? It is a really cute show and I highly recommend it.


 Hakase is love; hakase is life.



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Doremi Apr 26, 2017

Hello! :3

Thanks for following me, I really like your profile aswell!

I haven't updated mine for some years though as you probably noticed haha x)

I hope we can be friends aswell!

Btw I love Tamako market too, it's really an underrated anime :/

prigon Apr 17, 2017

thank you 

Serahxx Apr 17, 2017

Hewwoo!! Thx for following me bk!! Now im following you too! ^-^ Your bio is really cute and sparkly *-* I luv it!
Im also a girl and im at the age of 18, so i guess we can talk a lot if ya like! So send me anything that you like to talk about, either anime or real life matters. I hope i hear from you soon! JANE^^!!

masquerade817 Apr 3, 2017

I'm glad.

WOAHHH DUDE! GAMBATTE NE SHIVICHAN!! I hope you're doing well. Damn! Such an important time! I hope you're doing awesome! Just be chill okay? :)

I would've talked more...Like asked what's happening and all... But then you might have to write a long reply. So anyway XD

^ two chibi girls (I don't know who XD ) cheering for you :P

PS. I recently met a guy from Hyderabad on AP :P You live in Hyderabad, don't you?

EnergyWave Mar 31, 2017

I've always had great memory and yes I do remember you. =)

I don't remember any of our conversations but I remember you as being very positive and energetic (and Indian). Would love to talk again. How are you these days?