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^Enjoy this Uber cute Yuki Nagato xDD

" I have no interest in ordinary humans. However, if any of you are  Aliens, Time travellers, or ESPers,then please come and see me."

"Love is just a temporary lapse of judgement.Just like a mental illness"


                                                              -Haruhi Suzumiya (aka God)

Ano..... I dont really know what to write ^_^"... I guess I dont really have nothing to say about myself ^_^""" But I'll try my best! (`・ω・´)” And here goes my silly bio! 

My real name is Shiveha and I live in India.Yes, India indeed has its fair share of otakus. xD

I really like all things moe and cute and call me girly or whatever but still, MOE FTW.But moe needs a definition! According to me, the moest thing ever is Yuki nagato of The disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. The blush, shyness, megane, she scores a 100! xD Besides her, Mikuru and Eru chitanda are also moest alive people. 


^So much moe in one go ! >.< 

      For some strange reason I don't really like romance animes.AT ALL. Especially all that       reverse harem shit. (Brothers Conflict ).But I really have a thing for all KyoAni          romance animes. Hats off KyoAni, seriously.

I also wish that I had a school club like SOS Brigade or the Sket dan. *Sigh* Wish that was real. 

                                                My favourite Anime :

Bleach, and will always be . Call me a Bleachtard or anything, but Bleach is the first long anime I've ever seen, and I have a sort of attachment to all of its characters.Especially, Urahara. He's my first love :D So whoseover is here to insult Bleach or make fun of it, I'm not the right person to talk to. 


^That's my Urahara looking awesome as always! xD

                                                         Favourite anime Genre(s):

Comedy and  school life.Random animes like Kill me Baby, Lucky star, Acchi-Kocchi, azumanga daioh hold a special place for me. But the pioneer of this genre is Sket Dance, a badass anime that is severely underrated. It's one of the best things that has happened to humanity, I swear.As for randomness, this is the level of randomness that I am talking about : 


From this bio, I am sure that you would have been able to conclude that I am an airhead . But that's who I am! (^~^)

And whoever visits my profile, I hope that you have a good day and good life. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

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frankstleBilly says...

Hi hi ^_^ sorry for the late reply -_-

I shall from this point onwards refer to you as Shivichan-senpai! The use of double honorifics proves both your superiority over me and adorability :P

All has been well with me. Nothing spectacular has happened in Wales. I see your profile has had an update! *insert Gimli Approves meme here* It looks pretty good, I approve of the addition of MI MI MIRAKURU MIKURUN RUN. Responsible for hands down the greatest opening in anime history. Triple thumbs up. 

Aug 29, 2014
Kuhaku says...

I did login beefore 25 august I think O.o but it's true I had a big offline moment, didn't feel to talk I guess.

I went to the Otakuthon last weekend, cute Otaku girl everywere and some on cosplay ^^, I tried to ap^proach a girl.. my super luck made me approach a fianced girl -_-. Like why the first time I have enough balls to do it.. Bah too bad ^^ 

I broked my hand Monday.. tomorrow I will have a glove for my hand and school begin the 8 september... so I have to do everything with my left hand..  and I am right-handed and it will take 3-6 week maybe more to heal XD and more time before I can return to my martial art, oh by the way I didn't broke my hand in my ninjutsu courses.. my dad accidently broked it ><

Playing World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 with only the left ..


Aug 29, 2014
LetsGetCherryPie says...

You're like a chibi?! That would make you the cutest senpai ever!

Aug 29, 2014
Digitals says...

when i was at school i liked science too :)

you're not a fangirl :) 

1)i like gin too but for his smile 

2) Light FTW! xD

3)toshiro is my 2nd fav character 

4) i don't know this one sorry :(

5) not so good in my opinion (why every girl must be is fangirl ? he had nothing special)

6) good choice great characters are voicedd by him :)

aha thanks ;) i also need to add the air gear opening i forgoted this one .

your musical choices are also very great :D

Aug 29, 2014
Kuhaku says...

Hey, been a long time

Aug 28, 2014