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Hello.....So I'm 19 years old and am in college for Biochemistry.....I know, how weird, an Anime fan who loves math and science... : D I want to follow to a medical profession and I'm currently employed at a Medical Office.....

I love animes that are mostly School centered with a shoujo theme.... And I can't help that I like the happy, cheesy endings ; ).....

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wolfangel87 Dec 23, 2007

Your avatar is so cute!!!!

Hope you have a really good holiday and that all your wishes come true for the New Year!  ^_^

LuChi Nov 4, 2007

lol, beleef me, of all the langueges i know, englih is the easiest one of them all when it comes to the little rulez and stuff,

french and dutch are way more fucked up XP

there aren't that many words that have all kinds of different meanings, most of the time you can choose between all kinds of different words that all mean the same but that totally differe from each other XP

lol, look at that, we both think or own langueges is the most confusing, although i think japanese and chinese it just a little harder XP

lol, yeah, just add ice-cream to that and it's tottaly jummy XD

wolfangel87 Nov 4, 2007

Yeah, I really love Laurell K. Hamilton, I think she is a great writer

wolfangel87 Nov 3, 2007

I have recently just discovered Phillippa Gregory!  I do have to say that her books are very enticing, I really enjoy them.  I tend to also read a lot of historical romance books, surprisingly you can learn a lot from them (depending on the writer of course!)  My favorites are about the regency era in England!  I have also been reading a lot of Sherrilyn Kenyon, not historical per se but supernatural and they bring in a lot of mythology, very, very interesting.  The books are sort of a take on history and vampires and stuff, I was very skeptical at first but they are highly entertaining!

LuChi Nov 2, 2007

strewberry tint? sounds tasty XP

lol, yeah, i don't have any pics >_< but you would only be blinded by my beauty so XP *cough*yeah right*cough*

i don't really like langueges, to much learning to it XP

and German isn't that easy, some real crazy rulez in their, but they probably think the same of dutch and english so XP