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Anime is a big part of my life but I don't spend time in AP anymore. If you'd like to talk to me, DM through my twitter. 

Kirishima Ayato is Life. 

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Nooobody says...

Well I just finished Ro-kyu-bu which was basically a lolicon anime about basketball.

Now I'm watching Saki which is an anime about Mahjong. And no, it isn't as boring as it sounds. It has pretty awesome effects, too.

I've been talking a lot with one of my coworkers about anime, since he's an otaku like me. I got some Want-to-watch animes to my list from him. :D

Also, I bought a Hatsune Miku calendar for next year from J-List. It's pretty epic, and big, too. :3 I bought some Miku wallscrolls aswell from Amazon but they haven't arrived yet. :S

What about you? What have you been up to lately?

Dec 16, 2012
MindlessHooligan says...

You're not spamming and I agree with you, so are you working through any shows right now?

Dec 3, 2012
Nooobody says...

Hello there! Long time no talk. How you been doing?

I've been buying some manga and am liking them so far. The pace is much faster than in anime, but I think there's a lot more information conveyed in there. Mostly maybe because it's longer than in anime, in some cases. I got Spice and Wolf manga almost read (Missing 1 book) and it's a lot better than anime, mostly because holo is cuter. :3

Just checked your anime list and saw that you had dropped Yuru yuri and also rated it 0.5 stars. :O I figure there's too much ecchi in it, but beside it there's just so much comedy in it, in my opinion. Same goes for Zero no tsukaima.

One of my favorite pics in Spice & Wolf manga:

Nov 17, 2012
Kayleychan says...

Thanks for the Konnichiwa on my profile!

You were too kind ^w^"

I love bleach too! I used to watch One Piece on Italian TV, but then someone decided to stop it -.- FUCK!

I'm downloading it right now! :3

Look forward to watch it!!!

Cya! and enjoy!

Nov 15, 2012
Portgas says...

Du lernst Deutsch??? °w° I come from Germany so ask me if you got problems ;3

Ara ara, a bf. I am like so jelly Dx Why are u so good at making new friends?? I suck at it ... I suck balls of steal °_° I sooo shy and don't know what to talk about. But to be honest, I had a kinda sabotaged social entrance in my new class ... Some bitch was talking false stuff about me, just to make me look bad. Even if I didn't talk to her at all in the one week I was visiting ... So everybody was totally mean to me ...

I like my new school as well xD WAY more than my old one <3 but I would like to visit yours if history is actually fun O_o

Nov 2, 2012