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Anime is a big part of my life but I don't spend time in AP anymore. If you'd like to talk to me, DM through my twitter. 

Kirishima Ayato is Life. 

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AnimeShima says...

You're more frickin Awesome!!

that's my title ;) and you know i'm more into horror manga than horror anime cuz when i read manga it sort of feels more like... i don't know... maybe real?? and even if i became a serial killer, i wouldn't go past killing the cockroaches in the kitchen XP

anyway i don't get it!! i don't know why some (or is it lots) of people don't like NARUTOOOOO!!!! i keep hearing that the first 50 or so episodes were good but not anymore D: but i think getting better and better, it's so awesome XD and when Pain came it couldn't get any better ^^ well he died way too soon though TT

otaku? yeah it does feel strange O.o it's got a negative feeling to it especially if you've watched GENSHIKEN

and thanks for loving my profile :3

Aug 5, 2011
Rojikku says...

Heh, you're anime style feels similar to mine~ Ish. I have a rediculously high anime count for my low watched count, same with you. Though.. you have about twice the anime experience I do. ^^ Have to admit defeat there. :P Funny you're watching the king of perverted animes, Freezing, again. It was a good anime, I dunno about watching it twice though... still fairly fresh in my mind. Havn't exactly looked at your anime list~ But I take it's much longer than mine. :P And you're much more into favoriting characters and such than me. I'm kinda bad when it comes to that.

Oh and, "Kemono no Souja Erin" was such a sad anime. ;-; The animations sucked, the drawing was horrible most of the time, and the sound was very repetative, but it was good.

Aug 3, 2011
kaosu says...

gotta love Horo :3

Jul 1, 2011
HiroRyusaki says...

It is a romance/school anime, but its just better than all the other ones (imo). Yes, that is Kotonoha Katsura. =)

Jun 11, 2011
SuouAoi says...

Your is cool too xd

Apr 22, 2011