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Well, how should I start ? Let's try it...

I have been watching anime since 2008, so I'm kinda new in this topic in comparison to my friends, but I watched it in the beginning in great  amount. Still remember those times, when I was sitting with my brother in front of computer when I haven't known English yet. My 1st anime, that I was aware of the fact it's anime was Gundam Seed (+ Gundam Seed Destiny, next was Fate stay/night= rox!). Brother translated me every more important sentence to Polish (didn't have internet to download subtitles) and ... that was the beginning.

Animes I love the most have something to do with comedy, harem, ecchi, super powers, action and with swordplay. I don't read any manga (even have never tried to do it), I believe that, it would spoil the enjoyment while watching animes. I can go with any anime and any genre as long as there are Japanese voices, yeahh, I hate animes with English voices, that's damn annoying for me, can't watch it nvm how much I try. I hate in animes 2 things:

1) Stupid endings (that's why I hate dramas, yeah I like happy endings, even if in some animes death of the main character really suits to plot)

2) The way of drawing characters with GIANT EYES! that's somehow annoying for me, but generally I can watch it... somehow... (AIR, Clannad, etc.)

I like to collect great music from openings and endings (like "Gravitation" from Heroic Age, opening from Chrno Crusade, "The Hero without a name" --> DTB, "Ash Like Snow" -> Gundam 00, songs of Stereopony and of Angela band("Spiral", "Alternative" and more - Angela ), from ZnT and Rosario + Vampire (Nana Mizuki), etc, etc <3).

As I have noticed some animes have a lot of their  fanatics, like Air, Clannad 2, Bakemonogatari, etc. these are high ranked animes with a lot of fanclubs, well do I have so much different sort of liking? I hate those 3 animes (+ some more, which I didn't mention, like Toradora). I totally don't understand people that love them. Once I told to someone Bakemonogatari is nothing special, a lot of such things you can find in most of animes... lol I was scolded.

Well.. I have just found out(while watching Zetsuen no Tempest) that I love animes with inteligent/wise main male character. The rule is, that titles with such heros are almost always epic or close to be like that. Golden Boy, Code Geass, Death Note, there aren't so many animes like that. What a shame! Studios like more to produce animes with stupid male lead, almost always overloaded with ecchi...
<edit>: well, but in such case, the anime must focus on this aspect of "how the main character thinks", probably it's harder to make, maybe  that's the reason why it's so rare.

I guess that's all that has something in common with me and with anime, rest isn't important on anime website, right ? :>

Animes I'm looking forward (I really would love them to be aired):

- Sora no Otoshimono 3 (guess that's only the matter of time :) -edit: S3 confirmed)

- Rosario to Vampire 3?

- Zero no Tsukaima 4? fianally it's out.

- Code Geass 3? (if that's possible) - parent story confirmed. Hope it to be as good as Lelouch one.

- Berserk 2? (how the hell could they end it like this ?) :<

- Chrome Shelled Regios 2?

- GANTZ 2?

- Full Metal Panic 4?

- History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 2? (OVA are comming)

- High school of the dead 2?

- Kaichou wa Maid-sama! 2? (after seeing 24 eps, still no idea who is he.. ? :p )

Maybe some more, if I remind myself, then I will update this :)

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