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[/align]MOSHI MOSHI!!!!great[/quote]
GO! OTAKU! GO!speechlessIm Souichiro Loki!You Can Call me Loki Or Ichiro Or Soui!Im 18 yrs. oldI Live in JapanNice meeting You!Here is Some things about me:I love, no.... I really Love Anime, Manga even Doujins!I love Japanese Songs! They Rock!lollipopI Enjoy watching AniMe!I hope to meet more friends here in OTAKUZONEMy Favorite Anime is Toradora and Fullmetal AlchemistMy Favorite Anime song is Alumina by NightmareMy Favorite writer is the great Hiromu ArakawaMy Favorite Japanese bands are Orange Range and SCANDALMy Favorite Foods are Okonomiyaki and sweets, also waffles and melon breadsMy Favorite Anime Characters are Ryuuji Takasu and Roy MustangMy Motivation Code is:"You Cant Win Any Games Unless You're Ready To Win"and"Take the wave, Take the Chance; Wake up and take my Hands!"faintThanks For Visiting My Zone!Sayonara Arigato!bye

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DeDaan Feb 21, 2012

Damn you sure did watch a lot xD

Funny profile to ^_^

I went to Japan last year for 3 months... Best time of my life !!

日本 いちばん です !!

Nice to meet you btw, my name is Daan ;) How are you doing ??

Shinimanga Aug 13, 2011

the answer is changing my time zone from 24 hours

it turned 35 hours

i only took crum school so i had finished school when im 14

then, my family is a real otaku clan

my great granpa, granpa, and dad woked as a mangaka

other relatives were staffs


that's it

and i watch tons of anime dvd in a day

read manga half-days

and goes to comic con often

!!!otaku god is what my friends call me


Shinimanga Aug 12, 2011

manage it?

that's me!

im watchin anime since 5


i have a large anime library

Unit28 Aug 10, 2011

Could you please just answer on my message.

Unit28 Apr 12, 2011

I have watched anime in 2 and a half year and I'm 15 = 140+ Animes, OVA'S and Movies. Plus i'm having good grades in school so you know i have to put down time on that too.

You're 19 = 2,165

Give me the deal bro, how did you manage all that?

When did you start watching anime? =O

and did you skip school or, did you really manage to watch a mass of anime + homework?!

Would be appreciated with an answer.

Best Reggards // Unit.