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Real Name - Jeff

Age - 22

School - Mohawk College

Program - Software Engineering

If you want to know anything else just ask...

Anime North 2008!!!

Anime North 2008 was freaking ORGASMIC! I could have spent an entire week going through the dealers room alone. There were tons of amazing cosplayers and crazy people. It never got old having random people come up to me asking what the hell was going on. I ended up buying a bunch of sweet wall scrolls but now that I'm home I wish that I'd bought more lol. Saturday afternoon turned into a big parking lot rave dance off and "FREE" hug bonanza. And to top everything off I MET PEDO BEAR!!! I FREAKING MET PEDO BEAR HIMSELF! By far the greatest cosplay I saw at Anime North. Though I only saw Pedo Bear once, it was late at night, I was partially drunk from Boston Pizza's bar and I was in the middle of nowhere taking a walk. But I did meet him and have the pictures to prove it! Oh that Pedo Bear...


As much as I love anime and manga, I'll always be a hardcore gamer at heart. For the most part I'm an RPG whore lol mainly because games that only last for six or ten hours make me angry. Currently I have a gaming PC / HTPC, XBOX 360 Elite, Nintendo Wii (Which i stood outside for in the freezing cold on launch day at like 5am, i was the first idiot in line) and my 80 gig Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle.

Favorite Games

GTA3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA4, FFX, FFXII, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Symphonia, Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, MGS1, MGS2, MGS3, DMC1, DMC3, DMC4, Star Ocean Till the End of Time, Radiata Stories, Rogue Galaxy, Dragon Quest VIII, SSBM, SSBB, Resident Evil 4, Burnout 3, Burnout Revenge, Burnout Paradise, Bioshock, WoW, (Oldschool) Counter Strike... and many more I'm too lazy to name.

My all time favorite game and what I consider the greatest game I've ever played is without a doubt... Final Fantasy II for SNES (Technically it's FFIV in Japan)

Graphic Novels

I just got into reading graphic novels recently thanks to Watchmen the movie lol. Bought and read the Absolute Edition of Watchmen which was fantastic and now I've become obsessed with Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novel. I'm currently on the third volume of the Absolute edition of Sandman and all I can say is that I can see why the books are still praised 20+ years later, it's incredible!

Other Junk

Manga > Anime > Anime Movies > Live Action Anime Movies

English VO in anime makes me cry in horror lol, Japanese VO plus English subs = insta-win.

Since Anime North I've developed an obsession with anime wall scrolls lol I'm up to fourteen hanging in my room now!!!

Slowly trying to teach myself to speak Japanese and learning to write in Hiragana.

Been clean of WoW since January 17th 2009!!!!!

Pedo Bear says Hi.

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grawriam Sep 19, 2009

Yes it would be a nice indeed :D

Aaah i see, hahah you mainly look for action and such? Hah i know what you mean, sheesh but i don't really download movies or try to find them. I just find them all on

Chick flicks arent so bad, I actually thought windstruck was a good movie :D

emily83 Sep 19, 2009

Aaah I took a break from the art festival thingy-ma-jig hahaha. I'm going back later but not until like 3 or 4. I'm waiting around for my friend whos supposed to be coming into town today.... but i haven't heard from her. BUT thats alright because now i have a reason sit around on my ass & read & watch anime/manga!!!! (i just read the new SKIP BEAT AAAHH!H!H!!H!) i know you're not excited but I WAS! hahaha.

yes i know you bothered me about 20th century boys but not the day i actually started to read a little bit of it! hahaha MY OWN WILLPOWER! YAY!

& ihavent watched oldboy yet.... i'm thinking about if i should watch it now since i have so much free time... hmm... decisions decisions.

emily83 Sep 19, 2009

Aaah seriously!!!!! If it got that cold here i think i would die. well i think like maybe once a year it might get -20 but it would never get -30 here.

aaaah its 8:30 and im awake!!! so tired!

oh and you don't have to tell me to watch oldboy!!!!!!! ill do it on my own, i swear. besides i already started to read 20th century boys and you didnt bother me about that!


have a nice day!

captcha: The mimes ......... creepy hahaha

grawriam Sep 18, 2009

Aaah theres a canadian mojo jojo? bahah!!

Hey you just gotta look for more yourself, I think theres alot of good animes, mangas and movies out there just waiting to be watched! Hm I never really did watch korean movies or dramas and such. Only korean movie i watched was Wind Struck and IL MARE. theyre pretty old :D Ahh typical romance movies xD

emily83 Sep 18, 2009

oh my gosh!!!! 9 degrees! thats so cold thats like..... late october nights temp where i live! so colllllddd! I bet winter is so cold in Canada!

psh, dont call me gay for watching Ironman. i love Robert Downey Jr. ... plus i'm kinda like half sleeping too so i didnt want to watch something ive never seen. :D makes sense right.