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Hey, me!
If you're not me you probably don't have a good reason to be here....

I'm not planning on anyone seeing this. (But it doesn't really matter if someone does...)

Just to remember, I officially started watching anime May 12th 2012. I think I saw a few episodes right before that but I didn't like it and didn't know it was or didn't think of it as anime.

I need to write this down, mostly as a reminder for myself.

5 - Loved it. Basically nothing I disliked about this anime. Really want to rewatch.

4.5 - Still loved it. Just one little thing or situation I disliked. Or something extra was missing. Probably going to rewatch... eventually.

4 - Really liked it. More than just enjoyable but still not one of my favorites. Maybe I'll rewatch.

3.5 - Enjoyable. I really enjoyed this while watching it, but I'm not planning on rewatching.

3 - Okay. It was enjoyable enough to watch.

2.5 - A little boring. It probably took me a long time to finish this anime.

2 - Boring. If I was able to finish this, I must have been really bored.

1.5 - Definitely boring. No way I was able to finish this willingly.

1 - I have no idea why I would give something this rating and not realize what an idiot I was to do so later. Or it could simply be really, really bad.

0.5 - Seriously, nothing people have put work into animating deserves this rating.

On my watching list are the animes I'm trying to finish at the moment.

Even if things are dropped, it doesn't mean it's dropped forever, just stalled for a really, really long time.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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