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Feb 22, 2013

I realize that my opinion will piss off the fanboys of the series, but I do not care, it's just my opinion.

STORY - 4. Yes, because in the first part of this series, nothing happens. Are evoked the servants, lists the rules (which you already know from the Stay/Night). However, all of the fights ends in a draw, and the plot twists are inefficient (but really, someone was excited to see that lancer had two spears, and used it one to save Saber? I, honestly, no). In addition, the ending of the series was already know, for those who have already seen the Stay/Night, then the series loses all the element of surprise that was possible.

ANIMATION - 10. Well, I think it's the best anime released in terms of animations. Nothing to say.

SOUND – 6. Nothing extraordinary, but nothing dramatic. The norm.

Character – 4. Bad. Saber is annoying (as she was in Stay/Night), Kiritsugu is a copy of Lelouch (especially when he destroys the buildings or make talk about the subtle difference between good and evil), Gilgamesh is a classic copy of Vegeta. The only good one was Rider, others are junk to be thrown away.

Overall – 5. After all it's an overrated anime, but it's watchable if you have nothing better to do. I wanted to give 6 as the overall, but I could not because of the business strategy that they have set up on this anime. In practice, knew they had in their hands a product that had many fans, so they split the series into two parts, in order to sell two CDs for the same series and get double the profits. And they covered up everything to make believe that the series has been divided to fits the Rider's death in the anime with that of Magno in reality. Sure. It is an operation like if it was a mainstream anime who deserves the subtraction of one point.

4/10 story
10/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall

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Fadogar Jun 20, 2013

you're kidding right....