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Rosario to Vampire

Nov 22, 2009

Story: The idea behind this story is a neat twist on the generally bland ecchi and harem genre. A boy named Tsukune Aono becomes enrolled on accident to Youkai Academy, a school for monsters! Tsukune is just your average boy with nothing going for him, typical of this genre, but he soon finds himself in a very unusual situation. He first meets a girl with pink hair, Moka, who he very quickly finds is a vampire, but she also harbors a secret identity within. There is a rosary around her neck, that when taken off, she becomes a super powerful vampire. Through the rest of the series, he makes friends with a succubus named Kurumu, the ice woman Mizore, and a young witch named Yukari.

Other than the first and last two episodes pertaining to the main story of him actually being a human within a world for monsters, the rest of the episodes are just about his daily life with these people and how he meets them. This generally involves Tsukune getting beat up or mind controlled by them, and then ends up accidently pulling off Moka's rosary to release her powerful vampire side. The powerful Moka then proceeds to beat up the person real quick, then by the end, the person becomes a good friend. While this seems a very poor way to make these people into friends, it is done rather well, and the events from one episode to the next flow together nicely.

I gave the story a six. While the first and last parts of the series tell a decent tale, there really is not much else to it. During many parts of the series, it almost become hard to tell Tsukune is having troubles being a human in a monster school, other than when his friends use their monster powers, but then is quickly forgotten again. Through the series, many characters comment on how he smells like a human, but no one really questions it until the very end, to bring out the main conflict of the story. Apparently these monsters have excellent smelling capabilities, but cannot really tell with Tsukune, so little things like this do not make much sense. Other than these few gripes, the rest of the story was pretty enjoyable and even got me a little excited during some of the parts, especially towards the end.

Animation: The animations were excellently done and consistent throughout the series. Colors were used very liberally and the backgrounds were well done and detailed pretty decently as well. The art for the backgrounds also did a great job for setting up a feel for the area the characters were in. The characters were drawn very different from each other and made each character stick out in certain ways, making them pretty memorable characters. The animation deserved a ten from me; it was just well done and really helped enhance the story.

Sound: The sound used was just as well done as the animation. The sound effects were great and were not overbearing at all. The music was perfectly done and fit the style of the anime perfectly, and were also fit within the anime at the most appropriate times, setting the different moods just right. The voice acting was also very good. Each voice fit the character perfectly and only added to the enjoyment of the characters. This was done well enough for a ten.

Characters: The characters were quite entertaining and done just right. Each character was given a decent amount of screen time to tell their story and to go through the process of conflict and resolution, to become friends with Tsukune. The only bad thing was some of the characters did not have enough screen time after their story, such as Mizore and another witch met later, Ruby. These characters could have been given a little more screen time instead of being practically background props. Other than that, I decided to give the characters an eight. I was not quite as hard on the series for this only because it is only thirteen episodes long and the story did a decent enough job of presenting the characters, given it is an ecchi harem comedy, which is not known for having the best character developments.

Overall: Overall, this series earned a seven from me. It was definitely one of the few series within this particular genre to try and go above and beyond the standard and was successful. The comedy in this was also not too shabby. It had me laughing in many parts, but the parts where there was comedy, they were not inappropriately placed. This series had a pretty good mix of seriousness with comedy and is definitely worth a look if you enjoy this genre of anime. I do not believe you will be disappointed.

6/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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masterbias Nov 30, 2010

Atleast for me this is one of those anime i will remember, always. all though it maybe wasn't that great it the characters was exestemely well done, and when you say above standard, that as "thump up" for me. because thats right. Good review.

- Most Ecchi series is going on, and i didn't think this serie was so ecchi in the end.

Esper26 May 10, 2010

     I saw this anime after reading the manga so I was hoping for the same type of entertainment but I only got fanservice. Like every man I don’t mind an ecchi moment here and there but every 2 minutes isn’t that a little over kill?

AzureWatcher Jan 4, 2010

Well, actually you can if there is a reson, even if it's not obvious from the first episode.

Still I find the series quite repetitive, should have been like 5 part OVA.

And the closing is not that convincing, either.

zombieiscool Nov 23, 2009

I tried watching this anime, but I just face-palmed in the first episode. I was like, oh god, you can't do that in an anime. Have two complete strangers feel that way towards eachother on the first day they meet. I don't have anything against ecchi animes, I personally enjoy it at times, but this show was a little bit too weird for me lol.