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Heya, welcome to my profile! I'm a graduate student studying for a PhD in Structural Engineering who spends most of his waking hours engulfed in work. Prior to this, when I had a life, I wrote reviews for Anime-Planet for chronicling the wonders of Clannad, the failures of Fate/Stay: Night, and all the many mediocrities inbetween. Alas, all good things eventually come to an end, and I've since retired from my position to minimize my extracirricular obligations. While the awesome Sothis still left me with my ability to post reviews (I may drop by in and do a guest review here and there, though who knows when), I don't forsee myself returning. With that in mind, I still manage to watch a series here and there if it interests me, so if you're passing by and have a good series to recommend from the latest seasons, do let me know! Also, feel free to leave me comments about my past work, as I do check my email for the site regularly; I know I'm terrible about getting around to responding, but I do read every one.

Lastly, thanks to all my readers who have enjoyed my work over the years, as you guys are the ones who made it worthwhile. Likewise, to all my readers who have hated (and still hate!) both me and my writing, thank you as well - the laughs you provide are priceless.



Numbers divinated from the arbitrary and convoluted book of review scoring:

<5: Stay away. They employ little but cliches, recycle already-done material, and fail at having a coherent story and relatable characters. Perhaps some fringe appeal to those who like just about anything in a particular genre, but they're just different shades of terrible once they get down into this range.

5: Slightly below average. These shows again are probably worth watching only on genre appeal, but they're at least entertaining at times. There's better things to watch given their mediocre presentation on all fronts, but if you're exceptionally bored they may prove an apt way to rot away both the hours and your brain.

6: Average. These series are neither particularly good or bad, but are definitely watchable. They do some things well, others terrible, but they manage to attach some unique flavor or appeal to their story and/or characters.

7: Good. These series generally keep my interest throughout by means of a coherent and interesting story and a compliment of characters who have some semblance of depth. They provide for an overall enjoyable and entertaining watch, and generally define genre-norms and set the minimum bar for a "quality" series.

8: Fantastic. These series are the vanguard of good anime. Their stories develop a sense of intrigue and the characters are fleshed out with both depth and flair. Every series that hits this rank has the ability to define its material as unique and is compiled in an intelligent, thoughtful manner designed to captivate the viewer.

9: Top of the line. Perhaps the only major distinguishing factor between an 8 and a 9 is my personal level of interest, but they're undoubtedly the cream of the crop. They are defined by remarkable execution in every area and generally operate on a very unique mechanism to push their story forward (the remarkable world building of Twelve Kingdoms, or the ability to play remarkably on the suspense of weekly releases like Death Note). Certainly not to be missed.

10: None yet!


Some people have also asked me why I use decimals for overall - I use them to indicate a leaning. Generally if I feel an anime is, say, between a 6.5 and a 7.0, I'll show that it's a 6.5 leaning toward a 7.0 by using a score like 6.7.


MOST RECENT REVIEWS [Past 365+ Days...=(]:

Spice and Wolf II (5/15/10) - Huzzah!

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei (6/4/10) - What utter crap.

Eve no Jikan (6/8/10) - Good stuff.

Meguriau Sekai (6/14/10) - Raaaaaaaaaaaaaant!


- Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - Great.

- Kara no Kyoukai (complete) - Another entertaining-but-mediocre Type-Moon work. Whee.

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Raux Jul 6, 2012

Hey sheex, long time to chat!

I want to say thanks again for your help with my reviewing. I'm still practicing on my writing/grammar skills, slowly but surely. I guess my goal to be a reviewer for this website has been replaced a little with other life goals. For now, I've put it on an indefinite pause. School and work are proving to be a little more intriguing and demanding for now.

Just want to say that I recently watched fate/stay night, and your review made me laugh so much, because i COMPLETELY agree. Although i might not hate shirou or the series as much as you do,(I'll admit, i have a weakness for superman/boyscout ideology. However poorly it is portrayed. I moaned in pain and how stupid he was, but i would imagine it would be like betting on your childhood horse getting the derby cup - you can't help but cheer for him, but in the end, maybe it would have been better to have shot it in the head to stop it's misery) I see your points as valid. One of the friends I made on this website recommended it to me..... And for the life of me, i can't see WHY, WHY HE RANKED IT HIGHER THAN CODE GEASS!!! WTF!?!?!.... I pray that he never finds this post. If he does I'll say this "Stefan, you are an amazing friend, and the critiquing on your judgement of anime in no way reflects how awesome I think you are. You do get SOME anime proper judgement. Like steins;gate and FMA b-hood.

Anyway sheex, thanks again for an awesome review. It saddens me that the site's best reviewer has retired. But know this, your work will always influence the way i judge media, in any form. You have a wonderful way of seeing through all of the muck, pointing out the stuff the creators have tried to hide, thinking no one will notice.

Also, I added you as a friend, I thoroughly enjoy making them. If you wanted, I think it would be awesome to have you as a friend on facebook, having a chat every now and then about anime and/or life in general would be a treat for me. But if not, I will take no offense, chatting every now and then with you on AP is nice in and of itself.

sothis Feb 29, 2012

Hello, just pinging any of the site reviewers who haven't responded yet in the new thread in the mod section - it's an important question/discussion about if the section will proceed as it currently is, so I'm asking for each reviewer to respond there with their thoughts :) thanks!

FalseDawn Feb 3, 2012

Yeah, I think season 2 desperately needs to tie up some loose ends. I'd imagine the Command spells will come in more useful as the series progresses (only really used once by Lancer's master) but F/Z does have a tendency to set things up and then leave it hanging for an unknown later date. I actually really enjoyed F/Z, largely because of its tendency to err away from typical shounen ("I WILL DEFEAT YOU TO SAVE THIS PERSON BLAH BLAH") and there's actually a lot of mutual respect between adversaries, which kinda comes up sometimes, but never seems to have as much impact as it has in F/Z. The character depth is certainly something that has been lacking in many anime series over the years, despite its tendency to ramble.

Hm, I may have to relook through what I've already written. Although a substantial piece already, I don't think it entirely gets to the heart of what I feel about the series. Or maybe my standards have just lowered due to the rising mire of horse manure that's currently floating around the anime scheduling.

FalseDawn Feb 3, 2012

What about it did you find unsatisfying? I disliked the use of cutting off a fight scene just before it started as the last scene for the first series and some of it was a little too slowburn for an action series, but the review I'm currently in the process of writing is pretty glowing, so what have I missed? :)

Raux Jan 27, 2012

Dear sheex. 

You are by far my favorite reviewer for this site. I've been reading your stuff close to a year and a half. and i've thoroughly enjoyed them. I became a member of this site wanting to post official reviews. I tried to submit a review in order for it to be looked over by a staff member and they said there were two problems. One was that i needed two reviews on site format. i do not know what that means. and the second problem was my writing style. i know that it would take up some of your time. but could you please take a look at my steins;gate review? could you please give me some advice on how to make a better review. I put all i had into that review. i want to get better, The patches posted a comment on my profile regarding the review and one bit of his advice was to study my favorite authors. i will make myself more current with your submissions. but if at all possible, could you give me a critique of my review? i would like to become better at this. Your reviews entertained me and really gave me interest in seeing some of my favorite shows of all time. If you can't i understand. If you can....I would be profoundly grateful. Thank you, and good luck on the PHD! i hope everything is going well!