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Life can fuck you up or make you stronger. Shit happens & ive made a lot of mistakes in my life just like everyone else. Im someone that believes in chances to start over so i try to leave the bad history behind where it belongs. I cant erase my past or undo things so i have to live with mistakes ive made but through it all im learning to think about others, say no when i need to, stand up for myself & to be truthful. No one should ever judge anyone. We all live our lives & die in the end. I try to be the best i can & part of that is because i learn from experiences. Ive had so many rough times because of people that theres not many i trust but i dont let the shitty things take away all my happiness. Live life for yourself because it can be taken away at any time.

I cant explain who i am in detail but im honestly a nice & caring person. Im a great friend & ill go outta my way to help the people i love. Im forgiving, thoughtful & patient. Im understanding & passionate about life. Im not selfish, bitchy or someone that will bring others down. Im real & wiser because of life experiences that ive learned from. :)

Being alive means going through unforgettable times whether theyre bad or good, having your emotions go outta whack, making mistakes, having regrets & being in fights, loved ones going away either by death or just walking out on you, people pissing you off, family not being supportive, getting disrespected & not heard, being used & so much more but through it all i live for the moments that take my breath away because life really is crazy & im okay with that.

The things im addicted to: - Music. - Hoodies. - Dying my hair. - Piercings. - Hair straighteners. - Eyeliner. - Blow dryers. - Hair products. - Amazing vehicles that make me go "Wow, im in love". - Driving fast. - Propel & Gatorade. - Chewing gum & mints. - Great quotes. - Fortune cookies. - Hilarious moments. - Shopping (It makes me go "Ooo, i like"). - Audio systems. - Night time. - Being around the people i love. - Jeans. - Blankets. - Shoes. - Perfumes (Smelling good is a must!). - Stylish clothes. - Walking. - Food. - Stuffed animals. - Tanning (An awesome addictive relaxer!). - Summer (Thee best season ever). - Tank tops. - Taking showers. - Computers (The internet is a wonderful thing). - Good books. - Hearing funny & interesting stories. - Lotions (Makes you feel oh so smooth). - Fingernail Polish. - Traveling. - Lip Gloss. - Movies. Live life to the fullest because you never know when you might lose everything.

Music: Anything from metal to rock, rap, country & whatever else interests me. Music has always been one of the things that i love & will continue to do so till i die! Eminem. Kottonmouth Kings. Tech N9ne. Potluck. Chamillionaire. Brokencyde. Hollywood Undead. Gorilla Zoe. 3Oh!3. 50 Cent. T.I. Jon Young. Crazy Town. Limp Bizkit. Family Force 5. Skillet. Red. Pink. Avril Lavigne. Rihanna. Three Days Grace. Breaking Benjamin. Boys Like Girls.

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scienceshow May 16, 2009

Your username is awesome :D