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I rly love this manga. :DDD So i might be biased. OH WELL~

Btw if ur too lazy to read, u can just skip to 'Overall' part. -.-

Story: Its a very unique story about seiyuus (voice actors) in training!!! The main character is a girl named Hime Kino, who wants to be a seiyuu becuase she was inspired by a person named Sakura Aoyama. But the problem is, she really sounds like a gorilla or an old geezer when shes under pressure, and ends up in the lowest class possible (but she makes some friends). After that it seems Hime has a talent for voice acting, and becomes a seiyuu as a guy and a penname, Shiro!

I havent seen a story about seiyuus anywhere before so i was really excited about this. I love this story enough said!!! It shows the hardships of seiyuuing and its genderbender!

Art: If youve seen Minami Maki's other series Special A, you know the art is pretty average. But artists get better over time, and yeah, Seiyuu Ka's art got better!! Hime-chan is super duper cute but the guys look alike if they have same hair color lol. I like Tsukino art too!!

Characters: OMG Hime-chan is adorable~~ Shes a kinda tomboy and reall full of energy and determination!! It makes me wanna be like her cuz she doesnt give up :D. Senri is probably the main guy here, along w/ Mizuki, maybe Shuuma? Well heres quick description of Mizuki + Shuuma. Mizuki- gentle, serious?, sorta protective?. Shuuma- short fuse, nice when he needs to be. Senri!!! Is so cute!!!! Hes a guy tsundereeeeee!!!! YAY. In others, the girl is always the tsundere, and it gets so annoying. i love Senri as much as Hime!!!!! He starts as a 'cold' guy but lately hes super adorable and kind. He has a bad-ish past too. Btw, Hime-chan's best friend is Tsukino and shes a softspoken kind little girl with a nice voice!

I think the characters are really a hugeeee part of Seiyuu Ka-!!! I dont exactly hate any1 comepletly and all the characters are pretty unique, in my opinion.

Overall~~~ Well personally, I absolutely looooove this manga, and i go 'KYAAAA' every time a chapter comes out!!! Yaaay!!! (⌒ヮ ⌒) Umm theres little bits of romance here and there!! I like those parts alot. Well, overall, its about making dreams come true, and gender bender, and tiny bit romance. + Seiyuus!!! This is actually rated 5/5 in my list (´▽`) Its really great. Go read. Now!!!

10/10 story
8.5/10 art
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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