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Pokemon Adventures

Jul 19, 2012

If you see 'pokemon' and think of Ash memes and stuff nah ur really wrong

*Skip to bottom for overall

Story~ The manga closely follows the games, that is great, there are no fillers and annoying things. Theres a new story for every arc in it and theres a ton of arcs, cuz theres just that many games. Um all the arcs have something to do with a Legendary Pokemon at the end, likea 'boss' sorta thing. The story is much deeper nd actually has meaning to it..! And im glad it does :D

Srsly, the Pokemon concept is really pretty good and Ash abuses it...!

~Its more like that the anime is just no one gets hurt, Ash will srsly never grow up, and NOTHING happens. People in the manga are not immature like Ash and theres actually some blood and pain and heartwarming scenes! I feels that Ash is making the Pokemon title go to complete waste. :(~

I rly wonder if Pokemon anime is gunna go on forever like Naruto and such. That wud be sad... I think its really nice that a lot of people like this manga :)

Art~ I love the art even though the illustrator changes at v.10. I really did like Mato's cute art and the new artist Satoshi Yamamoto makes art kinda shoujo-y but its still nice. Art is great.

Characters~ Alot of the charcters are kinda typical but theyre all different and have hearts made of gold and thats wat makes them so special :) Honestly, I really cant decide which one to pick as my favorite... theyre all too wonderful!! I like Yellow Ruby Gold Sapphire Red Blue... um yeah sry I really cant decide

Overall Overall Overall~ just go read!! Its amazing manga!! Id describe Pokemon Adventures as a nice battle and heartwarming manga that people will love. Probably! and maybe itll be better if u didnt play the games cuz therll probably be spoilers... i havent played the games sadly... I really really wanna play the games!

Pokemon Adventures is just like any other amazing manga that people love!! Dont be biased about Pokemon or u miss out on great manga!!

Sorry for bad grammar + English some parts, wrote this when i was bored and back in the day lol. so i shortened it.

Yeaa currently my avatar is Yellow..!!! Yay!!!

10/10 story
9/10 art
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
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