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Hello there. Thank you for stopping by my page. It is most appreciated. My name is Hannah, I'm seventeen and I live in Wales. I began watching anime in January 2010, after a friend successfully encouraged me to see "Elfen Lied." Since then, I have had a fascination with horror and mystery animes. My favourite anime at the moment is Black Butler, with Grell Sutcliff and Sebastian Michaelis being my most favourite chaaracter. I have had an on and off love with anime. For example, I saw "Elfen Lied" and "Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni" in 2010, "Fruits Basket" in 2011 and "Ghost Hunt" in 2012. This year, however, I am determind to watch more animes of different genres. So, I am open to almost any genre, so if you have a recommendation, I would be very happy to hear it. Let's see...I am also a big traveller and I am interested in culture and the world. I enjoy writing poetry and novels as side projects when I am not in college. Another passion of mine is dancing. Even though I am very much interested in the "goth" subculture, I am not ignorant to other music. One of my current favourite bands is Evanescence. That reminds me...I am also quite a big fan of musicals of all sorts. I love everything from Sweeney Todd to Footloose. Personally, however, my area of expertise in the movie category would be with horrors. Anyway, I just want to finish off by saying thank you for taking the time to read this and getting to know me a little bit better. Feel free to message me at any time. I will be sure to reply.

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Goldoz138 May 5, 2013

hi im new :D 

Redbots Mar 18, 2013

Just wanted to stop in and say Hi 

crymaua Mar 14, 2013

:0 Very nice.  Well I hope you enjoy HOTD be sure to let me know what you think ^.^

crymaua Mar 13, 2013

Well I woul be glad to recommend more if you ever wanted me to :3  I would be happy to help, besides I have nothing else to do but waste my life on anime :l

In an unrelated note.... your grammar is absolutely fantastic :l  Makes me feel dumb xD

crymaua Mar 13, 2013

Np ^^ glad you will get to watching it!  Horror is also one of my favorite genres so I love getting the chance to recommend them to others, which also reminds me that you should check out "Tokko" and "Highschool of the Dead"  both are also really good horror, Highschool of the Dead is also pretty popular apparently :l  Then if you wanted one that is mystery/comedy you could watch "Kami-sama no Memo-chō"  This site offers no synopsis of the story but you could read about it with this link  I was iffy at first but Im glad that I did give it a chance, beautiful story.