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Story (9/10)


people think that a storyline makes an anime brilliant; I am one of those
people. In Genshiken’s case that is not true, there is no underlying plot in
this anime. Mostly it revolves around the day to day life of the Japanese
otaku, which in my view is a brilliant way to draw in the typical anime
watcher. The rolls into life with Sasahara, a college freshman, looking for a
club to join, thus he stumbles upon Genshiken, which stands for the study of
the modern visually-oriented culture. They do everything otaku related in their
club from anime watching to cosplaying to building figurines of their favourite
anime mechas. Can you think anything better to watch for the anime freak? I
can’t. That is why this anime had such a hold over me that I watched it from
the one morning to the next. They show how the mind of the otaku works and what
they like to do on a daily basis. It reminded me a lot of myself and many other
people who I know who love to watch anime, read manga and the odd doujinshi
here and there.


Animation (7/10)


exceptional, but not mediocre in any way. The only thing that irritated me was
the way they drew the anime which they watch in Genshiken, but who cares? The
character designs were unique in their own ways. Kugayama for instance was a
big, fat guy who had a small voice and stutters when he speaks. Madarame is
also unique in his own right, a thin and weak looking guy who wears glasses.
All the characters were well designed to be excellent otakus.


Sound (8/10)


opening soundtrack was fitting to the story, very upbeat and fast paced. The
closing soundtrack was also nice to listen to, not as fast paced as the intro.
The soundtracks were very well chosen from my point of view. The voice acting
was also brilliantly chosen, again Madarame shone with his shady and not so
bravado voice.


Characters (9/10)


is where the anime shone the most to me. Every character had their own
intriguing perks and downfalls, fitting of otakus from my point of view. They
had Ohno as the cosplaying girl with big boobs, Tanaka as the cosplay costume
designer and Kasukabe as the girl that is dating Kousaka, she always tries ways
to get Kousaka, the pretty boy of the group, to stop being an otaku. Sasahara
in my opinion was the shining light of all the characters. He started out as a
normal manga and anime fan, but slowly but surely trough out the story he
evolved into a fully-fledged otaku. His character development increased the
rating of this anime tenfold; it was a delight to see how he learned about
manga, doujinshi, anime and cosplay to the point where he became the character
he was at the end of the anime. You also learn about the characters preferences
towards manga and anime and what encourages them to be the otakus they are.


Overall (8.5/10)


delight to watch till the very end. Recommended to ALL SERIOUS anime and manga
fans. The story envelopes you in the otakuness that the characters give off and
keeps you coming back for more every time, I think the only time I did pause
the screen was when I needed a bathroom and smoke break. ...Watch this anime...



9/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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