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Jul 14, 2011


Story (4.5/10)

Twenty four episodes of misery. I hated each second of this completely irrelevant anime. Every aspect of this anime was brain numbing and hard to watch, wait, well not every aspect, the storyline was probably the best part of the story, but still it was very, very poorly thought out. The story immediately begins with a random fighting scene in which only one person survives, Cruz Schild, and is rescued by a priest named Adam Blade. The story is set in a post third world war where people who are called Needless who has weird super powers are born from a place called The Black Spot which contains a large amount of contaminated materials. I think that is enough of the storyline, I do not want to spoil the miserable experience for any other person and frankly I just do not want to talk about it anymore.

Animation (2/10)

The animation was, well, shit. The one thing I realized was that someone with an ear fetish had to have drawn this, because their ears were huge, no, gigantic in proportion with the rest of their features. Not that any of the other features on their faces made up for these deformed ears. It seemed as if the characters all had their own facial expression and it never disappeared from their face. Adam Blade always looks angry, Cruz always looks scared and Adam’s partner, Eve Neuschwanstein always looks like an idiot.

The background detail was not that bad, what I am really saying here is that it was good in a Needless way, which is mediocre.

Sound (3/10)

Again, poor. The opening soundtrack was fast paced rubbish that made no sense what so ever, which seemed to fit perfectly with the rest of the story. The closing soundtrack was a girlish song that had no reference to Needless at all, rather it is almost like a advertisement for Needless: The Secret of Saint Lily Academy. Which has nothing to do with Needless itself.

The voice acting was always loud. It is almost as if the people thought shouting would make it into the perfect anime.

Characters (2/10)

Cliché is all I can say, Adam is a bad mannered priest who smokes, Eve is the girl who seems to be in love with him and Cruz is the usual main character who is afraid of everything and anyone and cannot seem to find the courage to believe in himself.

The characters never develop in my mind, they are placed into the story as is, nothing more, nothing less. It is almost as if the viewer must guess where each character came from, and this pisses me off.  At least they explain the power each Needless has otherwise the story would be impossible to follow for the normal human being. Everything about the characters remind me of how badly made this anime is, nothing about them is thought through, they were just thrown into the story, I almost feel sorry for them, because its not their fault for being badly developed.

Overall (2/10)

They tried to make an anime that would they thought would be great. They took every recipe for a well thought about anime and threw it into a blender, the end product? A disgusting mush of misery. Not recommended to anyone with a IQ higher than 90.

4.5/10 story
2/10 animation
3/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall
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hakura123 Feb 24, 2013

This summed it up thank you for an awesome review!!!

deideiblueeyez Jan 22, 2012

God I hated this anime too. Not as bad as you did. The animation wasn't too bad. But I just hated how revealing the girls' clothes were. How could that little shrimp's sister wear that crap! And what the hell was up with Purple-haired girl's attitude? Immediately beating up Cruz for no fugging reason isn't funny, it's stupid as hell and I wish I could punch the girl in the face.... (RAAAAWR >:O)