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Elfen Lied

Jul 30, 2011

That British Lad Reviews: Elfen Lied

Ah, this anime I discovered at my "Personal hour" pile, right next to "Attack of the Bikini-Vampire Girls: Necrophilia Edition". This anime is generally seen as a god among all other anime, but does it stand up without the junk of its fanboys for support? The answer: Barely.

Well, let me rephrase that: This anime isn't as terrible as Ricky Gervais as a creature, but it isn't as good as Rebecca Black either.

The story follows the resident FAT-chested psycho from Japan (My new term), Lucy, as she goes around shoving her hand down peoples gobs and ripping out the label of their underwear, whilst also showing an innocent side called Nyu when the Rozzers come by. The story is just wrong in every single way: Yes, the human race sucks, big deal. But this one pretty much claims that we eat baby pandas and whip dolphins for exercise. Meanwhile, genetically engineered killing machines with tentacles hentai are put to shame by are portrayed as the next Messiah. All whilst making balloon animals with someones intestines.

The animation is... Sexy. No, screw you Yuka, screw you Nana, screw you Lucy, I'll stick with the landscape: Japan is captured beautifully in this anime. Yet again, they kept the cameras turned away from the tsunami and the busy cities, and stuck with the cherry blossoms... Ooooh, glowing pink!

The characters are as simple as the French Flag: You've got the dashing bloke with a dark past, who is apparantly "normal" (In comparison with men who pleasure theirselves with their own slobber), the annoying relative with the striped underwear (Incest ahoy! Where are they from? Glasgow?), the overly powerful chick with the big boobs, the loli (One with tentacles! The internet rejoiced), the list goes on. But like I said, they're seperated into 3 personalities: Unrealistically kind, bloodthirsty bitch who everyone loves, and complete utter-douchebag. Combined with a single tragic past repeated for each and every member of the cast, I felt more sympathy for Brendan Hughes in '81.

In the end, this anime really just stands on the gore and the Double Ds. It could've been done better, and the general idea was ambitious, but it wasn't executed well, like Louis XVI. With that, I slap on a 6/10 tag: Looks gorgeous, and could've been so good, but it fell at the top. Like I did with Rachel... I still need to get a puncture repair kit...

5/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
4/10 characters
6/10 overall
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HoboGirl Oct 11, 2011

I had heard the fans go insane over this anime though less scary then the naru... *is shot at* see! the naruto fans are scary well the few smart ones there worse than the sasuk *is shot at again* sasuke fan girls.... anyways nice review I tried checking out shuffle it was the same person who made elfen lied. you should try watching shuffle see if you can get through it or fate stay night. both being based off video games I never played. ^-^