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Hi I'm Shade. Nice to meet you. Unfortunately due to my laziness I have opted to fill this in later. I will mention I used to review anime and videogames once upon a time so if that helps I might be doing reviews and stuff here soon. :P

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Shiraiyuki avatar Shiraiyuki


Oct 1, 2011

well if you find any good vampire/romance anime, tell me please, cause i cant seem to find any good ones!

Shiraiyuki avatar Shiraiyuki

Tell Me About Yourself!

Sep 30, 2011

cool, i love VK, you should totally watch the 2nd season, its awesome!

SuperRidley avatar SuperRidley


Sep 28, 2011

ya its very useful

ive found so many ive never even heard about but have caught my interest

i love AP!!

SuperRidley avatar SuperRidley


Sep 28, 2011

Hello there welcome to Ap :) To the place of many great animes and mangas r listed

Shiraiyuki avatar Shiraiyuki


Sep 26, 2011

Hi welcome to AP, its nice to meet u :)

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