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Well lets see...

I'm a computer geek, been on comps since I was 4... still am on comps a lot. :P

What else eh... I'm quite anti-social, even on forums. o.O

Anime pref... hrmm, supernatural - if any kind of preference.

I'm a very laid back guy... you will probably never see me "stress out" it just doesn't happen. (maybe it's an affect of my dad + then watching anime)

Anime replaced my gaming habits, along with me realizing just how open my mind is.

Oh and gotta toss this in, Elfen Lied was my first actual anime I watched, and was instanly addicted.

Pretty much does it for me, I'm quite boring...

Oh and just so you know... my top 5 is isn't in in any actual order, as for me it is pretty much impossible to pick one anime as the top. :)

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What?! No anime ratings?

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FrozenDreams says...

yes another  Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen and eureka seven my brother is exactly like might know him as XBIOSX.

Jun 5, 2009
wolfangel87 says...

Hehehe, yeah I get that a lot!

It is from the opening to Ayashi no Ceres 

Dec 17, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

I love nyuu in Elfen Lied!  That series was so good!!!! 

Nice to see you around the forums too! 

Dec 16, 2007
sothis says...

Thanks for pointing it out, I'll add it to the requests page and see if I can find someone to help add it (or, if you've seen it, please consider helping to add it! see the "add an anime" link on the left of the anirec for more info -- you get points to exchange for DVDs for doing so!)

PS: fill out your bio and avatar sometime! :D

PPS: Claymore kicks ass.

Aug 21, 2007
SlaserX says...

From your comment, I'm going to guess that you're a fan of Demonbane. True, it is missing, but you can help add it! There's a short guide here for those who want to help:

Aug 21, 2007