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Hello, I'm Krysta! I'm currently 22 years old, but soon to be 23. I've been watching anime for around five years, and reading manga for six years. The first anime I ever saw was Dragonball Z, and that was what pretty much got me interested into anime. Since then I've seen several different types. Some I like and some I don't. When I'm not watching anime or reading manga, I'm usually playing video games, reading, drawing, writing short stories, hanging out, partying, or going to school.

I mainly play RPGs, action/adventure, and fighting games. Some of my favorites are Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and X, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, the Fire Emblem series, Devil May Cry 3, Assassin's Creed, and Mass Effect.

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sothis Dec 19, 2008

Oo, a manga reader! If you weren't aware, we now have a manga recommendation database up. Check out this thread when you get a chance - I'd love it if you could help us fill in the holes in the DB! :D (which are a lot, we only have about 200 manga up at the moment!)