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Hello and welcome to my profile!

My name is Ken Mars, and I'm 18. I recently found out about this site, and decided it would be a great opportunity to meet other fellow anime fans!

I'm currently a senior that will be graduating High School this year and majoring in accounting when I attend college.

I have been watching anime on and off since about the age of 8, but in the least several years have made a commitment to watching as many series as I can, devoting myself for a few hours here and there whenever I can, sometimes hosting my own anime marathons for entire weekends non-stop!

However, anime and manga are not my only interests. I have been playing tennis for about 3 years now, and am ranked at a skill level of about 4.0 in club settings (If you know anything about tennis, you know what that means). As well I have been doing martial arts for about 4 years as well. Currently I attend Ryu-Impakuto School of Martial Arts, which specializes in MMA essentials and a variety of all the different martial arts.

As you could have probably guessed, I am an avid video game player (When not watching anime) and can be found playing computer games or on Xbox Live for the Xbox 360. I enjoy meeting new friends through games, so if you hear about any new and exciting games come out, let me know and I'll gladly join you! My speciality are mmorpg's but I'm decent at FPS titles as well. My Xbox 360 Gamertag is : Ninja Artz

As for the ratings I give anime...

It's very hard for me to rate an anime, as I feel that each anime I watch has it's good and bad, and what some consider bad I will consider good, while what some people consider good I will consider bad X(. Anyways, I don't suggest any anime be rated, and that people shouldn't take other people's personal opinions to heart, and that is me included. You should watch the series/movie for yourself and decide if it was any good before shrugging it away.

Anime I give 1-2 Stars : I obviously share a great dislike for. These are animes that I felt unsatisifed with, and as I can usually enjoy almost any anime they are a rarity among what I watch. Usually series such as this have a bad story in my opinion, or quite possibly have incredibly horrible animation/drawing quality (Which I hate on quite bluntly).

Anime I give 3 Stars : These are series I was unsure how to rate. They were things about the series I liked a lot, and things that I felt could be changed to make it "oh so better." You will probably notice that many of the series I put into this section happen to be harem or romance type titles, and that is usually for the simplicity and overused plot line, or me wanting more characterization. These series have the possibility to get right up there to that 5 star rating if things are changed, but for now I will leave them here. Perhaps I redone version of future seasons will change my mind about them.

Anime I Give 4 Stars : These are anime titles in which I liked a lot. They were great, and I felt satisfied with how the series progressed. I felt that they included well done-characters and that the story was fairly well thought-out. However I also felt that these series could have added just a little more to get up to that 5 star rating. 4 Star titles, are titles that I may watch again, but probably be hesitant to because of rememberance of certain scenes, or plot twists that I felt took out some of the excitement that I felt.

Anime I Give 5 Stars : Theses are titles with in which I felt complete satisfaction. I would watch these series again a heartbeat again. The characters were well done, and had a wide variety of characterization throughout the series. The plot-line if needed went at a steady pace, allowing the viewer wishing for for more until the very end. You either felt satisfied with the ending, or wished for more desperately searching any forum you can find with more information about the next season for it!

Future Reviews To Come...

I am brand new to the site, but after I get situated and have some extra time I will start to review some of the titles I have watched explaining exactly what I thought about each element of the anime. If you would like me to review a certain anime for you, provide similar titles, or recommended animes within a particular genre I can do that as well, all you need to do is ask!

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