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Anime/Manga/Japanese Game/MMD/Vocaloid Otaku/FanFiction/MyAnimeList.Net addict. Anyone have a problem with that ^^I'm a very odd person, and i have random moments of eccentric-ness. I don't talk much and tend to forget things easily. Though once I get to know someone various types of convo's will be held ^_^


Too add more to this since I just typed that cuz I hads nothing else to say, I'm normally someone who just can't find something to talk about, but once i find something to talk about it could go on FOREVER xD thats just how I am I guess x.x I type too fast for my own good, and my natural curiosity gets me into so much trouble it isn't even funny ^_^'' Music, Anime, Computers, and Books are my passion, and I'm currently looking to study in Computer Science -hehe- Oh, also, I write A LOT of Free Verse Poetry ^_^ Its also somewhat of a passion

XDOh, and <<< ME!!!!

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buwiestormwulf Jan 9, 2011

Hmm...Sounds like something I would watch^^ I'll check it out one of these days.

buwiestormwulf Jan 9, 2011

Nice^^ Yeah I've been wanting to rewatch the series I own. I just don't feel like it lately. Never heard of that series. What's it about?

buwiestormwulf Jan 8, 2011

They are^^ Yep. I loved the series. The ending confused me to when I first saw it. Makes more sense now that I've seen it several times.

buwiestormwulf Jan 8, 2011

Thank you. It's one of my favorite winged wolf pics. I love winged wolves :3

buwiestormwulf Jan 8, 2011

Your welcome^^ Thanks. Yeah the siggy's are pretty cool.