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I started really getting into anime my last year of high school, which was in 2010. I will often go months without really watching much, but then suddenly binge-watch a whole series in a few days.

I've never really cared for anything gory or mecha. I don't much like reverse-/harem either, although I will tolerate it to a point. (I kind of have to since most anime are either harem or reverse harem. Sometimes I just have to suck it up. Categories I've been into lately are slice of life, drama, sci-fi, high stakes games, etc. Go ahead and ask me if you'd like to know more about that.

I don't know why, but I usually try to not watch what everyone and their mothers have seen. Shows like Bleach, One Piece, Inuyasha, Dragon Ball, etc. I really have no explanation as to why I feel that way. I just do.

My exceptions to this self-implemented rule are:

Yu-Gi-Oh! - because I discovered it when GX was airing on tv and I had no idea what anime was.

Death Note - because I did a search on "best anime of all time" and it came up so I watched it. Again, I knew next to nothing about anime.

Naruto (Shippuden) - because I used to watch Naruto with my dad when I was younger and I wanted to see all of it. I didn't know what anime was at this point, either.

Sword Art Online - because when I first heard of it, I thought it was some new free-to-play MMO so when I looked it up and found out it was an anime, I started watching it. Mind you, there were only about three episodes out at the time.

Clannad/After Storybecause I was coerced by a friend to watch it. He probably would have taped me to a chair if he couldve.

Some of my all-time favorite anime characters include (starting from my most favorite and then all random after that):

1. Jounouchi Katsuya / Joey Wheeler (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
     I'm not even exactly sure why I'm so fond of this character. I just love him with all of my heart and soul. He just has so much of an untold story that's all out in the open (if that makes sense). His personality and behavior come from his past and what girl doesn't like a troubled backstory. If this guy were a person in real life, I'd be the happiest person on the planet.

2. Hyuuga Hinata (Naruto)
      In my opinion, the most badass girl in all of the Naruto universe. She obviously is much more powerful than anyone gives her credit for and I can't wait for her to be highlighted in Shippuden because all we've seen from her is a confession that went unanswered and some quick tidbits during the war.

3. Kuriyama Mirai (Kyoukai No Kanata / Beyond the Boundary)
     Because of this girl, I started wearing my glasses almost as much as I'm supposed to and am constantly thinking about how things seem to be unpleasant. She's a cutie who I would totally bang were I to swing that way.

4. Minamoto Kouji (Digimon Frontiers)
     Let it be known that a girl will always remain fond of her former TV crushes -- even if they were only cartoons. I watched Digimon as a child and remember always having a crush on this kid, even though I never paid attention to anything going on in the show. Watching it now, it's hard not to focus on him alone, but now I get to actually pay attention to his backstory. It's kind of interesting.

5. Otori Kyouya (Ouran High School Host Club)
      I actually had never watched OHSHC until I went to college. I was introduced to it by my then-roommate and was hooked immediately. Little would I know that I would grow in love with Kyouya. And much less did I know that because of him, I developed a small obsession with Shunsuke Daito, the man who plays him in the live action version of the series.

6.  Tsukiyomi Ikuto (Shugo Chara)
     The moment this character was introduced I loved him. He's probably right up there with Jounouchi (not equal to him though) in terms of favorites. And even better -- he's part cat! Oh god, I just love it when he stays with Amu in her room in secret. Just pure love. That show is so baby-ish and then they brought in a guy like that? *faints*

7. Kisaragi Chihaya ([email protected])
    I would have to say my very favorite episode is number 20. If I could only watch one episode of this anime, it would be that one. Chihaya represents so much to me because I can relate to her character. I'm so passionate about music, it's like I was seeing myself in anime form when I saw her for the first time.

8.  Himeko Inaba (Kokoro Connect)
     This is the most human character I've ever experienced in anime and I just love how down-to-earth and real she is. She says it like it is and isn't afraid to show how she's feeling... once she gets passed being the tough guy for a little bit. 

9. Sakai Wakana (Tari Tari)
     I love her for the same reason as Chihaya, only a little deeper. If I could relate to Chihaya on a musical level, I could most definitely relate to Wakana in the same way and much more personally. If I learned anything from her character, it's that I can't give up on the dreams I once had... because part of me still wants them to come true.

10. L Lawliet (Death Note)
     I was going to try, but really couldn't make a list of this nature without bringing Death Note into the picture. And much less if L wasn't in it. As 50% of arguably the best anime tug-of-war in the history of man, I just HAD to put him in here. Plus, I wrote too many girls in a row and it was necessary to be broken. "But you wrote just as many boys in a row!" Shhh. Anyway, L is the embodiment of "tall, dark, and handsome" in that his personality has hints of a darker side and that mystery is just so intriguing. His intelligence is out of this world and I only wish it was possible to have his babies.

I'm not sure what else to write here so I'll end it for now. Hope you enjoyed reading my bio! Have a good day!

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Jasonbroody Jul 7, 2015

Watched in Cinema ofcourse !!!! official NARUTO fan should support for OFFICIAL Naruto Contents!!!

SexyTLC Sep 6, 2014

I wish I could leave short statuses similar to Twitter... without using Twitter because I don't like it and prefer Anime-Planet. I would probably be on here more often if this place had a social media aspect to it, if even a bit. I mean really. What's the point of following someone on here? "Oh look! That person is watching that anime now! Good for him/her!" I see no point. It'd be nice if we could put out our thoughts on the anime/manga as we experience it.

sothis Jan 13, 2012

Long ago you had wanted your name changed, I finally got around to updating a big batch of names, so now you're SexyTLC :)