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Wisdom of Pain

22 NOV

     Just got my wisdom teeth removed today and I have to say, it's not as bad as everyone made it out to seem. Ok, I did underestimate getting them removed by thinking I could walk back to my dorm when I was finished. Don't remember getting into the wheelchair, and barely remember getting shoved out into the car, but then things starting making sense ten minutes later, and after that, all was pretty good. Sure, hurts a bit, but not as bad as people made it out to seem. They said I'd be out for a week with pain and that I wouldn't be able to eat anything that isn't liquid and so far, I don't think it'll be that bad. Sure, I can't imagine eating chips right now, but a good fried chicken doesn't sound bad to me. Maybe in a few days I might be thinking differently, but for now all is well with it. I think it'll be real easy to eat some good turkey in a few days, and I'm definitely looking forward to the cranberry and mashed patatoes. Go Thanksgiving! Should also give me plenty of excuses to hold myself up in my room and watch some Spice and Wolf. Go Economics!

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sothis avatar sothis
Nov 22, 2011

yeah it always ends up being so random - i had two out that weren't a big deal at all, and then the last round was TERRIBLE and had so many complications (including needing a bone graft, was on hardcore meds for like 2 months for pain, etc)

sounds like you got lucky though, woot :)

Marceus avatar Marceus
Nov 22, 2011

Getting them removed isn't so bad since you can't really feel much pain thanks to the anesthetic but mine did ache quite a bit afterwards. The constant bleeding was the worst part though... I even ended up fainting on the train going home... Dx

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