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19 NOV

     Whoah, woke up to two comments on my last post. Honestly, that was about five comments more than I'd thought I'd get, especially in one day and on a my first post :p Thank you and kudos to turtleduck and Marceus for that.

     As of right now, I'm listening to Jun Maeda as well Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda as I watch more snow coming and more clouds in the distance. Pretty cold out, weather report says it's about 0 degrees right now even though it feels more like ten or so. Pretty great though, our last football game of the year is today, and it's against our biggest rival in the state. Last 25 years, we've only one four times, but fortunately we have an awesome team this year and are even ranked #1 in the nation, or so I've heard. Not a big football fan myself, I just know that tickets have been sold out for a week and my friends bug me about going. With twenty thousand people packed in a stadium and snow on it's way, it should prove to be a bit interesting. Gotta love snow, we'll have it for the next six months here. Sometimes even snows in summer, and I don't live in Alaska. The backcountry of Montana just gets a lot of snow. We'll see how the game goes. Also have plans to finish SaiKano and maybe start on .hack//sign or .hack//roots as well, but we'll have to see.

For those might read this, how cold and how long is winter where you live? I know the east coast was pounded again this year, but that's pretty unusual. What's winter like for you who may read this?

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turtleduck avatar turtleduck
Nov 19, 2011

Wow you play football and watch anime! Interesting. Sounds like you live in a cold place. I love the snow. Good Luck in your football game unless it already happen. I am a little late coming online today. #1 seed that amazing I play high school basketball and were hoping for a state title this year. So good luck!! Snow in the summer thats awesome. :D Snow till like November to January never know when it comes at random moments. I love winter but we don't get much snow. Want to go where there is a lot of snow. Well gotta go going to the movies more like force to lol

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