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Fruits Basket

May 12, 2011

Story 7/10

It was a very enjoyable manga with a great plot if not a little bit repetitive. A good read for some and not so very good for others.

Art 5/10

The reason why I say 5/10 is because the story board was very bland and seemed extremley unfinished. It seemed that the author was in an extreme rush to get it done and did not take the time to give the characters any shading to make them more 3-D. They seemed extremely flat and boring if one was to flip through the pages. I really wished the author put more time and effort into the manga, illistration wise.

Characters 5/10

The characters were bland and some where just boring and really didn't need to be there. The main character anyoyed me with such a naivness for a highschooler and her always easy way to cry. The other characters were either a mix of emotions or just uneeded and unwanted. Certain characters though had a certain flair but not that much.

Overall 6/10

I overall give this a 6/10 mostly because of the plot. I only finished reading it because of the plot. Other than that it was one of the most least enjoyable mangas I have read.


7/10 story
5/10 art
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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