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I'm crazy, eccentric, and weird....but aren't we all? Nobody can be defined as normal because there is no one like that! Everyone has their little quirks no matter how much they try to hide it! So if you have a problem about me you're just going to have to deal with it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

A littl about me...other than I'm a freak....is that I have four sisters(I'm the oldest) my parent are divorced and I'm currently failing algerbra 2....sad day! :(  I like to be myself and I have never had a boyfriend because they're all scared of me....sad day no?

I have brown hair that....oh screw it....I look like Courtney from TDI so there's my description....although I have more of a wear what ever the heck I want kinda dress outfits. My favorite color are midnight-blue, deep purple, black, and any shade of a deep or electric red.

I enjoy watching romance anime, reverse harem or a harem kind of anime. I also don't mind guy guy animes...though girl girl anime does bother me a little...scratch that it bothers me quite a bit but I don't hold anything against anyone for their favorite anime or manga types. I also love to collect manga!

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Dec 7, 2012

Happy birthday =^.^=

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