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My name is Ryan Stephen. Im currently 18 years old, About to move to Moore, OK, with a insane loving for anime, video games, rock, and techno.

If it has something to do with giant robots bashing on each other, vampires who are wicked awesome, or enough fan service to make a river out of the nose blood, Im normally there to love it. :)

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Bixie Oct 14, 2008

Haha, you are now responding from a comment I left back in July!? Your funny.....           Not a problem, better late than never! Anyways I will add you or I already did, don't remember now, when the friends list comes back up! Oh and don't forget there is this side other then the forums! Visit here often cause you never know when I will leave you a random comment!!! LOL  cya on the flipside(forums) 


Bixie Jul 28, 2008
      Welcome again! This is Bixie, and I was wondering what anime
      your sig and avatar are from.  I noticed you have no one in your friends
      list. You can add me if you like! Oh also noticed you love Vampire
      anime series. So do I . I love Blood+ and Trinity Blood! Well, back
      to the forums! 
      Cya Bixie