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heyalotp71 Sep 5, 2014

Ya your welcome, and i feel that being kind makes it seem less akward than being mean to others and not giving them a nice welcome. And i loved some of those animes you listed, i love those animes they were so interesting and i need to start watching them.

heyalotp71 Sep 4, 2014

Yep anytime. I also talk about anything anybody asks me, i guess that sounded different but ya i guess i am socialble on here...

WonderBoom Sep 4, 2014

Oh haha, well I feel better I think:P No problem! Be sure to ask me anything and everything!

heyalotp71 Sep 3, 2014

Your welcome, so you up to anything new?? Ya you are new to the site but how about what you have been up to lately?? Watchin any good animes??

heyalotp71 Sep 2, 2014

Welcome to anime-planet, hows it going?? I see that you are new to the site so I just wanted to say  hi and hope you enjoy you time on the site. If you have any questions or concerns, or you just wanna talk…just message me and I will be sure to reply to you.