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Air Gear

Oct 30, 2009

It is definetly one of the "funner" shows I've watched. On the surface it's nothing too special. Another one of those 'dime-a-dozen' Shounens, but once you start watching the show, you understand what makes it so great.

The story is not unlike any other Shounens. A young kid recently discovers something he really likes, he has a raw natural talent for it, and wan't to rise to the top. It's been done before, but the exact way Air Gear does it makes as enjoyable as it can be. Very interesting and comical and sometimes with a touch of the sentimental. So it gets a 9.

The animation gets a 7 because it wasn't the greatest to begin with, and then suffers from a downgrade in quality towards the end. Nothing too major, it just wasn't ever going to be the best looking anime I've seen.

Sound get's a 9, not because I enjoyed the music all that much, but I thought it fit very well with the show. It had a cool happy up-vibe that much like the show always had this metaphorical lift in spirits.

Characters get's an 8. They aren't highly original characters. There were a few weird exceptions. Despite it's lack in originallity though, all the character's were beleivable in their world and interesting to watch.

Overall this series gets a 9 because I adjusted this score for it's intangibles. It was very fun, entertaining and just all around great to watch.

9/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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